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Mew (not the pokemon)

Started by atec123, June 12, 2010, 08:03:39 PM

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anyone else listen to this amazing mewsic?

they have a really tight following and amazing, beautiful music that cannot be described with words.

I have been really into them lately.  as you can see over there <<<<

I have the evil angel as my avatar.

anyway... look em up on youtube.

to get the full effect, get the album and the glass handed kites.

they are an alternitive/experimental dream pop/art rock or something band.

hard to explain.  they are their own genre.  truely amazing music.

check out pretty much any of their songs from frengers or the glass handed kites.  their new album, no more stories has a lot of songs that are harder to like when you first hear them (you need to listen to them alot to get used to it)

one from the new album that is really interesting is silas the magic car

and hawaii.


anyone listen to mew?

or am I the only one?
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