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Started by oberonqa, July 10, 2010, 02:58:40 PM

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If you are experiencing technical difficulties installing or running The Silver Lining. please open a trouble ticket by posting in this (the Technical Support) forum.  When opening a trouble ticket, please be sure to include the following information so we can help you:

-> What kind of CPU/Processor you are using in your computer.

-> Amount of physical RAM you have installed on your computer.

-> What kind of Video Card you have installed in your computer (manufacturer, card model name).

-> Operating System you are using.

-> A brief description of the bug, error, or problem along with what you were doing when it occured.

Also be sure to check out the Resolved Issues sub-forum, as there is a chance the problem you are experiencing may have already been addressed and resolved.  Threads in the Resolved Issues sub-forum will always use the following naming standard in their thread names:

[FIXED] = The issue reported has been addressed and resolved.  Steps to fix the issue are posted in the thread.

[NOT FIXED] = The issue reported has not been addressed at this time due to insufficient information and no further assistance can be given.  Please note that any ticket that goes for 5 days without a post will be closed and will receive this tag.  It is important to keep an open line of communication.  If we are able to resolve your ticket, please let us know by posting in the thread as soon as possible.  This way we can insure the Technical Support forum does not get backlogged with unresolved threads.

[NON-ISSUE] = The issue reported has not been addressed due to not being an issue (example:  running TSL on Linux and requesting assistance setting up WINE)

Also note that when we close your ticket and move it to Resolved Issues, we will also assign your ticket a category designation for ticket tracking purposes.  We ask that you not include a category designation when opening a trouble ticket, as the designation is for internal reporting and monitoring purposes only and is determined by the tech moderator that is handling your ticket.


We have identified numerous cases of The Silver Lining crashing without warning after being started.  In most cases, this crash is due to using Microsoft-supplied drivers for your video card, which does not support OpenGL.  Torque, which is the game engine used to bring The Silver Lining to life, is OpenGL-based.  If you encounter strange crashes while trying to play The Silver Lining, please be sure you are using manufacturer-supplied video drivers and not generic Microsoft-supplied video drivers.

To see if you are using a Microsoft-supplied video driver, run DXDIAG, then click on the Display tab.  If the device name has Microsoft Corporation after the name of your video card, that means you are using a Microsoft-supplied video driver.  For example, if you have a GeForce 7900 GTX video card, you will see:

Name:  NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GTX
Manufacturer:  NVIDIA
Chip Type:  GeForce 7900 GTX

In the above example, the video driver is an NVIDIA driver.  Now let's look at another example.  If you have a GeForce 6550 video card and are using Microsoft-supplied drivers, you will see:

Name:  NVIDIA GeForce 6550 - (Microsoft Corporation)
Manufacturer:  NVIDIA
Chip Type:  GeForce 6550

In the above example,. the video driver is a Microsoft-supplied driver.  If you see this, you will experience problems running The Silver Lining.

To correct this, simply update your video drivers with a manufacturer driver set, obtained either through or
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