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Started by jcurrie33, July 11, 2010, 03:07:45 AM

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Hi there,

I too would like to start off by saying Thank You and Great Work!  You have all contributed towards something truly special.

I did feel like I was basically just watching cut-scenes however.  There were no puzzles at all, at least in the main storyline, and that to me is what makes KQ so great!  I understand about being short, but to me at least, without the puzzles it's not really a game.  I don't think giving the only items in your inventory to the guy counts as a puzzle, do you?

Well, just my thoughts.  But I want to reiterate that the work you did do is amazing, and it was nice to get back into the world of KQ.  Great job with the 3d environments.

My only other recommendations would be to add some environmental sound effects to the opening video sequence, and to tweak the mouth animations, maybe add some polys there.  As it is, the mouths look a little awkward.  Also, allowing to walk while listening to the audio from a Look command would be great, as opposed to the current behavior of stopping any audio upon changing cursors.

Great job though!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just going to point you to this thread;

:) it explains the reasons behind episode one!
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