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Bravo !!
« on: July 11, 2010, 12:42:27 AM »
I must applaud everyone who works on this project, and loud and clear.

I been a fan of King's Quest since the beginning of the serie, I've played the remakes and such as well... but this... This is the format Mask of Eternity (which I think was much of disappointement) should've been... You've just took what Princeless Bride left us to and continued it in a way that Roberta Williams should be proud of.

The voices, the music, the graphics (even though I thought the characters looks a little like Sims lol) are wonderful... but the story ? You got me hooked. Even though Episode 1 was short, it worthed every minutes I played it. Returning back to the land of Alexander, seeing how fidel it is to the actual design of KQ6, and the cinematics... Really... It gave me such a shiver of goodness that I cannot stop to admit.

For a game that is not built on a very high budget, you pulled off the spirit of KQ all through it... I could easily tell I was playing a KQ game.

I cannot wait for further episodes. Again, bravo ! *applaud*