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Started by daddyu, July 11, 2010, 05:41:39 PM

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As a game designer who has been working in the industry for ten years, I just wanted to give a little constructive criticism that I think would help polish the game to make it more intuitive and fun.

1. Movement and Camera - I found myself constantly fighting with the controls to move my character. I find it weird that you guys went with your control scheme. It seems like a standard 3rd person camera would've made the game a lot easier to maneuver around, with the added functionality to swing the camera around by holding down right-click and moving the mouse.

2. Interactions - I found it awkward to constantly toggle from walk, talk, see and take in order to interact with the world. Is there really a need to have a separate talk and take option? Those two seem like they could be consolidated. I would've made it so if you click once on an object, it automatically performs the see option. If you double-click or right-click, it tries to perform either the talk or take option and if you click on the world, it automatically performs the walk option.

There were some other issues but these were the ones that bothered me the most and prevented me from getting very far into the game.


Quote from: daddyu on July 11, 2010, 05:41:39 PM

There were some other issues but these were the ones that bothered me the most and prevented me from getting very far into the game.

Go a little further.  You are almost done.   :)

But seriously, for me I didn't have a problem with the see, talk, touch, walk icons as those are pretty standard for adventure games.  It is just that we didn't get to do anything with those icons.  The game-playing elements were pretty much non-existent.  We just observed a 3d version of a world that we had seen before, and were prevented from doing anything in that world... i.e. using our ol' noggin to interact with the world and solve problems and alter that world.  It was pretty much like we were toddlers watching an interactive DVD on the computer.  I don't think that that's what many of us look for when we play adventure games, especially King's Quest ones.  Granted, I know that this first episode was a bit of an introductory one, re-introducing us to the story and characters, but frankly, King's Quest games (and most games in general) were never Shakespeare and the stories (while mildly important) were never the overriding draw that attracted adventure gamers to adventure games.

I've read that eps two through five are going to be longer and I do look forward to downloading and playing them.  It is just maybe they should have been combined to three maybe?  It seemed like almost too short a time between the announcement that an agreement had been reached with Activision and then all of a sudden an "episode" was released that was a tad longer than the demo.

I'm probably too used to playing Sam and Max games where the episodes themselves are fairly substantial and have around three acts in each episode.  I've seen Cesar's name in the credits for Sam and Max and wrongly assumed that the 5 episode Sam and Max seasons were going to be a model for The Silver Lining's release.


I enjoyed this game very much. It was nice to sit down and play an adventure game after all these years-that didn't involve guns or killing or oversized budgets. I am impressed how you have managed to recreate much of the scenery; though I too found the camera a bit awkward. Awaiting the next episode, keep up the good work.


The game was really cool, bring back good memories of the good old point and click adventures, I just miss a better objects use, I mean you could possibly make more objects usage on futher chapters, cause on this one you spend more of the time walking without anything to use really.

The ironic narrator comentaries reminds me of Monkey Isle games, very good and funny!

Keep the good job!