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Great game! Here's my feedback...

Started by euroq, July 11, 2010, 09:49:44 PM

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I found myself unable to stop playing... in fact I played it all the way through in one sitting.  The graphics were beautiful, and there were witty comments sprinkled throughout.  As this is the forum for constructive criticism, I'd like to offer a few suggestions:

1. Narrator comments (say, when clicking the eye icon on something) should usually be 1 dialog, rarely 2, and never 3+ dialogs.  It made me hesitant to "explore" with the eye/hand, because I thought I might get stuck.

2. There weren't any puzzles to solve!  I didn't have to "think" at all.  Well, I guess there was one; but the hard part was finding the random item rather than knowing to use it.

3. I'd like a little more exploration.  Think back to the original KQ series; you wandered through dozens of screens without there necessarily being anywhere you HAD to go.  In The Silver Lining, you couldn't even wander off the path.  I'm not saying you should be able to walk anywhere you want, but at least it would be nice to wander non-linearly.  You could only walk straight from the castle to town, and then on the islands there was nothing but cutscenes.

Otherwise, I realize that this is just the first part of the game, and the meat of most games isn't in the beginning.  Looking forward to the next episode!


Ah you need to try a bit more of that wandering then, there is one place in this episode that you can wander into that wasn't part of the original KQ6 at all.
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Can you tell me where that is?  I'd love to go back and explore more...


It is on Isle of the Crown and not in the castle! that should limited it enough!  :)
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