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Austin Haynes, you're the man

Started by Big C from Cauney island, September 20, 2010, 09:14:57 AM

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Wow, that's synthesized! That's incredible!

I also love the singing in the Arch Druid's theme.

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Big C from Cauney island

The music fits the mood and atmosphere perfectly.  In the village scene, I heard what sounded like the scene in conan the barbarian, when conan meets soobadai and they are running across the plane. Just very good mix of classical, medieval, even slightly middle-eastern feel, which fits good with isle of the crown especially. Every scene is unique. Honestly, it might be the best music in a video game. I was just suprised with the variety. Highly immersive. Really makes the game.  


Just my two cents:

Austin Hayne's music = win.
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Every time I hear his music in a TSL video or within the game it literally gives me chills.  You've got such a gift, Austin!
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Monkey Slice

I don't know why, but I especially liked the Sea Nymph theme.
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 :thumbsup: Yes the music in this game is awsome.  I also enjoyed the episode 2 end credit music
and [spoiler]for some reason Alexander's dream sequence music really appeals.[/spoiler]