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Great atmosphere...BUT....

Started by Darkbulb, July 12, 2010, 09:02:56 AM

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I played some of the original KQ games way-back-when and was really excited to get the opportunity to play this fan-made sequel.

- The atmosphere in the game is outstanding. Really pulled me in.
- Great storyline/plot.
- Graphics and MUSIC are superb. Great job on those!
- The voices of the narrator/characters are very good.
- UI is not bad.

- It felt more like an interactive movie than a true KQ game. I remember puzzles to solve and applying logic - none of that was to be found in this was 95% just 'click to go and talk'. That was, admittedly quite a let-down.
- The sarcasm/humor in the narration was not subtle at all. It was actually to the point of being annoying. The narrator did a good job though - but the material she was reading was simply too heavy-handed on the sarcasm.
- WAY too short. 15ish minutes of 'movie-play' and then it ends. I'd much rather wish that the game had been delayed another 6 months and released maybe in two halves. Maybe the decision was PR/keep an interest but I fear that it may have quite the adverse reaction as even myself find myself to be less 'excited' about following episodes as this was such a let-down in gameplay and length. I think there was a serious lack in judgement here :(

It's hard for me to call out 'negative' things as this is obviously in much a labor of love by and for the fans of the series. Thanks to all involved for creating this. It might not, as per above, be what I had hoped for, but you still did something that most of us could not do.


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Quote from: wilco64256 on July 12, 2010, 09:27:33 AM


I read and replied. I still think releasing this intro on its own was a huge mistake though :(

As I said, it's hard to be too negative towards a free, fan-based effort but I also can't help but to feel that way.
Had the first episode been what they mentioned it was 'planned' to be (meaning BOTH chapter 1 and 2) I think it would had made me a lot more excited about future episodes. As it is now I'm not sure I am. It was pretty - but there was a no game-play to speak of and that will probably 'taint' mine, and a lot of other's impressions of this game and be in the back of our minds when we hear/read about an episode X coming out.

Good atmosphere. Poor setting of expectations/delivery on the first part unfortunately.


I think the narrator's sarcasm is too heavy-handed as well. It takes away from the immersion.