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Started by Big C from Cauney island, July 15, 2010, 07:31:10 AM

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Big C from Cauney island

I just have to say.  I read all the forums, and I am not in any way shape or form involved with the game development. Although response to ep. 1 is overwhelmingly positive in the forums, there is constructive criticism in many sections.  Here are some solutions: Don't want narrator? Turn off narrator and pull up dialogue.  Game short, want gameplay? We still have 4 episodes to go and it's been addressed already.  Pathfinding? Though I had some issues in the castle, I think this is a minor issue.  Now, if someone legitimately can't get through the game and needs improved pathfinding, I'm sure it can be solved in the future. I personally didn't find it a huge issue, I just moved the mouse and clicked.  My point is, I would hate to see someone not play this because of something minor or fixable.  And keep in mind its a fan made game done for free (and excellent so far at that).
No one lost money on this.  So try to be patient and wait for the rest.  Focus on the big picture.  And it certainly helps that Roberta Williams approves.  I think that's a huge plus, because if anyone has a say its her.  As I've said before, great game.  And I'm not against constructive criticism, I think it helps developers in the future. But don't let the issues stated keep you from the game.  Especially when we are only at episode 1.  I haven't read any refusals yet, but hey, just in case.


For what it's worth, I highly doubt that anyone who actually took the time to register and post on the forums, even to post constructive criticisms or just plain complain, is not going to play the rest of the game.  If they care enough to say something about it, it's because they want to see a great game come out of all of this.  I would be willing to bet money that almost everyone who played episode one and cared enough to say anything is going to play the rest of the game, too.  It's the average people who read the mixed reviews on other gaming websites and base their judgments on them (and there are plenty who do this--it's by no means a minority, which is one reason why I think it's a shame episode one has as many issues as it does) who are going to miss out on the rest of the game.

*Oh, and about the pathfinding--I agree it's not that big a deal--what's in the game is certainly workable.  The main problem there is that the game sets itself up as a pure point and click (and if you're going to use pure point and click movement, functional pathfinding is absolutely required) but the wonky pathfinding makes me long for direct keyboard control.  The fact that pathfinding is in there but clearly broken is worse than it not being in there at all.  I would say the easiest solution would be to simply implement a keyboard control option, so that if you have issues with the pathfinding, at least you have another way to move Graham around.

Big C from Cauney island

Although I don't think the pathfinding in this game is a critical factor, a keyboard option couldn't hurt for those who want it.  The castle was a llittle inconsistent at certain portions, but really i don't think it was a big deal to move the mouse and click. I never got stuck. I'd have to play the rest of the game to find out how important it is. And I totally agree about people reading reviews on the web and not reading the forums. But, old school kq fans are more likely to go into detail than someone freshly introduced to the series.  Just wanted to get people focused on the big picture and not be fixated on 1 or 2 things. 


Turning off the narrator voice does nothing for me. I don't want to read all that text anymore than I want it dictated to me. I'll just interact less with stuff. The pathfinding isn't a big issue either, especially when I realised that it's only gimped in like 2 scenes of the whole episode. However, I must plead with the developers that if you are going to implement keyboard controls (which would be great) please please please implement it as a compass-directional based control relative to the camera position rather than relative to the player (ie- driving the player around). Those controls are what killed Grim Fandango and Monkey Island 4. I'm sure Cesar realises this, however, seeing as he works at Telltale and they've created a nice medium with such a control scheme.