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Alternative Narrators?

Started by Chentzilla, July 20, 2010, 03:33:26 AM

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Well, I agree with the guys who say that the narrator saying witty remarks like "thievery runs rampant in your family" is totally different from what we had in KQVI. There, many impossible combinations would end in a straight-faced, but often still humorous answer from the narrator. Try to get the skeleton in the pawn shop to see what I mean, or to talk with a drum there.
On the other hand, I like the descriptions of different items in the castle which tie them to the royal family's history. For example, the answer for trying to use a vase is a good one. And the option to turn off the narrator's voice is also welcome.
But, I believe some guys like the ironic narrator type, so can't we have (for the following episodes) two, which can be switched at any time: female sarcastic and male straight-faced? (Maybe one of them should be Graham himself?) So Amy tells us all that Graham doesn't even know, and makes fun of him, but when we switch to Graham only, he says just what he sees and thinks. I know that there's more work for you, but I believe that's a bit easier than, say, modeling a new character, and increases replayability.
By the way, can anyone tell how much spoken lines does Amy have in the first episode, just to get some perspective?


A quick guess would be between 500 and 1000 lines. Rerecording, splitting, normalising and implementing so many lines is just way too much work. (in addition to having to write alternative descriptions for all interactible stuff) I don't think this kind of change is feasable this late in development.


I do like the idea for different narrators (I love Amy as a narrator though) and especially different narrator style so the game gets a bit more replayability  ;) got to find out all the comments from each narrator! But I also think it might be a bit too much work to add it now.
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Frankly, I would be happy just to be able to turn off the snarky, fourth wall breaking comments. I'm fine with the serious story based material.
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Aww, but I like the snarky, fourth wall-breaking comments! I find them hilarious! I wish I could turn off [insert other type of narration here].

...and that's why you can't just add filters for the type or content of the comments. (I was telling the truth about finding them hilarious, not just trying to make a point.)

The first post in this thread is actually just as good an example of what I'm saying: he likes the longwinded storytelling description you get when you try to "use" the vases whereas I know I've seen people complain about exactly that.
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