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I need Artists, Programmers, Writers ect. for two New Adventure games...

Started by Dirk Delshire, January 22, 2006, 10:28:36 PM

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Dirk Delshire

 I can sprite pretty well as you might have seen on my sprite post,
but I'm gonna need plenty more people too undertake these two projects because frankly the people I've tested so far are lazy. When I ask them too help they just shrug it off or say mabey. I could actualy do them both without help but it would take me many moons to complete and They would be laughable games at best. Here's a quick description of the two:

Tom Sops: The Untamed Eye  :drunk:
Is about a hapless detective who runs around doing random and funny things in an attempt to resque Helen Hepher and save the town from clutches of the Evil Doctor Dow. On his way he goes to lots of funny places. He visits such locations as: A Bathroom,The Sewer Rats Lair, the gameshow Don't Be Caught Dead, The Sarney The Dinosaur Show, Mr. Codger's Neighborhood, The Cafeteria of Idigestable Mystery Meat, Putty Putt Golf, A Football studium, and of corse Dow's Secret Condominium. You'll LOL your teeth out!
(This is based on a text adventure I made a long time ago in Q-basic.)  :suffer:

A Fool's Errand  8)
Is about a court jestor who gets caught in a scheme to kill the king a has to skip country. On his way he has a wonderful adventure in many different lands before finally returning to his homeland a changed man with magic powers. He confonts the evil and saves the day.
(I've only done imagining on this game so far, but hope to have a full King's Quest like game in the end.)  ;D

P.S. I modded it Kels to show My real meaning.  :-[
I was speaking of My Sis and her dood sorry Cess...   ;)
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Dirk Delshire

Don't read that much into it. Actualy read the new and improved post. LOL
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I might be available to draw some backrounds (in MS PAINT) Here's an example of one:
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Dirk, do you still have the text-adventure version of Tom Sops?  It sounds like fun!
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Dirk Delshire

Lol! I still have it, but it's on a zip disk. Back when I was living with my parents my dad got rid of his zip drive for a cd burner. The problem was he didn't tell me! He knew I had zip disks with my stuff on them. It would have helped if he had told me so I could have backed up my stuff to the harddrive before hand.
Well it's all past now. There's no use fuming over the past.
Anybody have a zipdrive I can borrow.  :P
Actualy The price of a new one has gone down a lot. I might have to buy one. *SIGHS*    ::)

Here's a picture from the original that I had a print of.
  ____________               Tom lounging at the ArCade:
|   ________  |                                      H HH
|   |SLOTS:| |   **                              H H   HHHHH
|   ---------- |**                                 H        HH^
|      ____     |                                  H     HHH^^ |\
|      |    |     |                                H   HH*  ^^| |  \
|      -----     |                               HHH(            /\   \
-|-------------|--------------          / \ (  )        /     \   \
                                                    /   \______/}{   /   /
                                                    \\\ }{      }{       /
                                                       /   {__}        /
                                                      |      |          |
                                                     /       |          /
That's as close as I can get to it for now besides some of my original notes for the game. The pic above is not a copy but a reworking of the pic. It looks better in Q-basic LOL. And for some reason the lines got bent on the right side of the slots. LOL 
and for the people who don't know how to see these pics here's a gif I drew just now for you...          

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