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King's Quest help

Started by jen, July 22, 2010, 07:28:35 PM

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 I downloaded Kings Quest I: The Quest Of The Crown (remake 4.0) and I'm stuck near the end. I know you need Graham to be standing on an problem? I can't remember which x in the dirt it is! *headdesk* I screencapped my screen, and with photoshop coloured both the light x (red) and the dark x (blue) can someone point me to where I need Graham's feet to be?


I made the same mistake, thinking that I should be standing on the X. In fact, I've made that mistake every time I've played the game. Actually, stand right in front of the two small rocks a bit to the right of the X. That's where you need to be.
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Likewise - I don't think I've gotten stuck in the same place in the same game as many times as I've gotten re-confused in this location.
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