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Started by Baggins, July 23, 2010, 03:28:54 AM

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Note, it would be nice if you added the links to the reviews you quoted. Yes, many of the ones you listed quotes from, actually were actually mixed in their review, praising aspects, and criticizing other aspects. Take games radar for example calling episode 1 a 'glorified demo'. It seems many criticize the voice acting as being 'sub-part'. The graphics generally get praised though. Of course shortness and lack of puzzles, or lack of interactivity seems to be something brought up in nearly all the reviews.

Most criticisms aside, they will go back and rate each episode on their own merits :).

Here is the list of reviews, and where I marked which side I think they landed on (most are mixed, but a few fall on side of critical, and at least one is more positive);

Frankly I wouldn't take Captain D's review seriously... I mean "Roger of Daventry", has he been playing Space Qeust :p.. hah hah Kotaku's review of the first part; What is Decreed Must Be (critical) G4's review of the first part. (critical) Adrenaline vault review of part 1 (3/5 stars, mixed) Justadventure review of part 1 (B, mixed) Games Radar review (mixed) Wired (mixed) national examiner review part 1] (critical) Family Friendly Gaming (74, mixed) Rock Paper Shotgun (critical) impulse gamer review of part 1 (7.5, mixed) review (5/10, critical) review (critical) Project COE Gaming News Galore review (critical) gamers with casts review (positive) colony of gamers review of part 1 (3/5 cogs, mixed) Asian Girl Gamer (mixed) Classic Game Room (mixed) Ready-Up (mixed) Captain D's Gaming Blog (mixed)
Well, ya, King's Quest is on Earth. Daventry is very old city from a long time ago. It's in ruins now and people aren't quite sure exactly where it used to be. There are some archaeologists searching through the ruins, they think they know its Daventry. But its somewhere on Earth."-Roberta Williams


I'm splitting this topic because I don't agree with the way you are reviewing the reviews. A critic's job is to point both good things and bad things in a game, and unless it's a 100% positive title -which there are very few out there -- reviews will always fall under what you call mixed reviews.

But a review that tells you that the game is worth every minute of your time, that the team must be congratulated for this effort, that the game is better than commercial PC adventures, and to go download it right now, is a complete and absolute triumph for a team of volunteers that did not have the budget to get into a professional studio, hire the art and programming resources needed or even add more gameplay to episode 1. And I can only consider something like that to be positive.

So, I'm bumping this down and locking it, especially since you already have a thread where you pointed all of this out.  You don't need to make the same point repeatedly.

Thanks for understanding.

Cesar Bittar
Phoenix Online