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Where is Yonkey?

Started by kindofdoon, July 28, 2010, 10:39:19 PM

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Along with oberonqa and waltzdancing, he seemed like the leader during the "Save TSL" era, but I haven't seen him around since Activision withdrew their C&D. Does anyone know where he is?

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He said he was taking a break from the forums. He didn't really say why. Either way, you can find him at where he blogs rather frequently. :P
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Good to see he's still around though.
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Definitely wish Neil was still on the forums, but I understand that he needs more time for his other pursuits.
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Yonkey is not coming back. He's left and he's very happy with his new path. We have also replaced him completely within our team. It was great having him with us in the many years that he lent a hand to the project, and he was in general, a great guy to have around.

We all wish him the best in his new endeavors!


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I liked Yonkey.  Best of luck to him!
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I do miss Yonkey an awful lot, but being able to keep up with him on Facebook and Twitter is always a good thing!
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