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Your Favorite KQ games?

Started by TheReturnofDMD, July 29, 2010, 12:39:54 PM

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Which, say in a list which is your favorite KQ game, and why?

for me:

1) KQ5
2) KQ6
8) MoE


Hmm, not easy to decide.

1.  KQ3 Remake
2.  KQ7
3.  KQ6
3.  KQ5
4.  KQ2 Remake
5.  KQ4
6.  KQ3
7.  KQ1 Remake
8.  KQ1
9.  KQ2

KQ3 Remake because I love the story and the extra bits they added, and the one I've played the most besides KQ7. KQ7 is next because it was the only one I played until college and there's a lot of nostalgia with it.


KQVI all the way, no question.

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Though to be honest, it's hard to really judge objectively, because KQVI does hold A LOT of nostalgia for me, so I see it more favorably.

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In this order:

1. Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow. It's just so good, with such an amazing storyline, a gripping plot, and awesome characters.  Plus, my whole family got involved with it the first time we played, so it's special that way too.
2. The Princeless Bride. I just really like the differences in gameplay and animation, plus it's fun to see the personalities of Valanice and Rosella.  And Etheria is what I picture Heaven to be like!  Rainbows and fairy things, in a huge garden?  Mmmm.  My dream!
3. Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder.  My sister and I played this one by ourselves when we were pretty young, and it's also a good storyline with awesome characters--though I exclude Cedric from that group!  It was the first game since II that you get to play as Graham, too, so that makes it more nostalgic.
4. The Perils of Rosella. How awesome is it that you get to play as a chick?!  Plus, a haunted house, a witch's cave, and a fairy castle? Hel-LO! ;)
5. Quest for the Crown.  Of course, one of the greatest games ever made.  Enough said.
6. Romancing the Throne.  I like this game, but it's not complelling enough for me.  I mean, it's awesome 'cause it's a King's Quest game, but I didn't enjoy this one as much as the others.
7. To Heir is Human.  I do like this game, but it's my least favorite in the series.  It's just so HARD.  I have the Companion, but still, I don't really like to play this one too often.  It's too much work for me. :)
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KQ VI: It's just the best.  Hands down.  Incredible voice acting too!

KQ III: I am a big, big fan of this one!  Yeah, I get the critiques of the game, but I still love it.  It has different locations, it went in a different direction with a King's Quest story when they didn't even need to try to take a risk, and it's just an all around good game.  I can still quote the incantations from memory!  I have ever since I was seven!

KQ IV: While it might technically be a better game than KQ III, I didn't get to play it as a younger child because my family's computer was...well...we basically could run KQ II, III, Black Cauldron, and Transylvania.  Not the most up to date machine in the world.  Still, when I did get to play this game, I was blown away.  It's so well crafted and the music, both for the time and frankly even today, is incredible.  And it straddles the line perfectly between whimsical fairy tale and dark fairy tale.

KQ II: There is a lot of nostalgia for this one.  It's the game I helped my parents play.  I was in the first grade, they'd sit down and play, and I'd shout out suggestions as they fell down chasms and stepped in poison lakes.  And for the record, most of the time my suggestions were right!  Yeah, I'm just that awesome!

KQ VII: It's a good enough game, but I didn't like the cartoony graphics or the simplified interface.  I mean, seriously?  The interface is going to tell me what I can interact with and what items work where?  Where's the fun in that?

KQ V: I like it, but it's just not as good as the others.  I mean, cheese in the generator?  That made sense to someone?  And an emerald/honey trap?  Really?  And then I got the CD-ROM version and heard the voice acting.  That kind of sunk the game for me.  Over all, I still like it, though.

MOE: It's a deeply flawed game and not even in the same vein of what King's Quest is.  That said...and I'm almost ashamed to admit it...I still kind of liked it in that "it's diverting and entertaining enough" kind of way.

KQ I: Yes, yes I know it's what started it all.  Just never been a huge fan.  Probably because our family could never find it in stores when I was young, so it missed the nostalgia train.  I only got to play the original after I was older and my family got the King's Quest I-VI collection with an updated computer.  KQ I just didn't hold up to the other King's Quests I could play.



Hmm...You know, I just had this conversation with my boyfriend a couple weeks ago and I can't remember what I told him. XD

1) KQV - Nostalgia all the way. I remember playing it with my dad and listening to the voice acting and...loving Cedric. XD I just have a lot of fun replaying it.
2) KQVII - Similarly, nostalgia. It was the first game I played by myself (ever) and it was fantastic. I loved Falderal particularly. This game makes me happy. XD
3) KQIII - I've NO idea why I adore this game, but I find the puzzles really appealing or...something. I just love this game. XD
4) KQVI - There's no real reason for this to be this low but...I'm not sure. It just never hooked me or meant as much to me as the others. It's a great game (and I love the items on the walls of the pawn shop) but it's just not as meaningful to me as the others.
5) KQII - Again, no idea why this one means so much to me, but I found it really fun. I enjoyed the puzzles and found the easter eggs fun. To be fair, this game probably got a lot of points because I was able to call the topless mermaid lots of un-family-friendly things. I didn't even do it on purpose! It's just a habit I have when girls are topless in front of my boyfriend! XD
6) KQIV - Ah, I love Rosella. This game just got tedious after a while, but I still love her.
7) KQI - ...Eh. Yeah. Too many times drowning due to not typing "swim" quickly enough.

I only played a bit of MoE, but I enjoyed it. Not sure where it'd fall. :P

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I consider the VGA remakes to be better than the originals, so for the sake of saving space, I'm going to just replace KQ 1, 2, and 3 with their VGA remakes and the experience that I had with them. Here's my list:

1. Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow: Like everybody else, I just found this game to be the high point of the series. It might also be because I played this game first before I went back to play the older ones. This game also had the best story progression in the series.

2. Quest for the Crown (VGA remake): This is just a classic. Nothing else needs to be said.
3. Mask of Eternity: I know this might throw people off, but I bought the game under false pretenses, not knowing what to expect, and I have to say I was pleased with the game. The voice acting was bad, but the game itself was fun. I liked the idea of going out through Daventry picking up the pieces of the Mask to restore Light, Truth, and Order. It felt like a dark, 3D action-adventure version of Quest for the Crown (disregarding the numerous amounts of glitches).

4. To Heir is Human (VGA remake): The Manannan encounters were difficult to gauge. Sometimes, he would just pop in the room, and I didn't know if he was leaving the house or not. But other than that, I liked the progression of the adventure. Albeit, I knew Gwydion was Alexander before I played the game, but I appreciated the fact that Roberta Williams was trying to get us to play the game through the perspective of a commoner, or slave. We didn't get that feeling again, until Mask of Eternity.

5. The Princeless Bride: I liked getting to travel to a world that wasn't even in the same realm as Daventry. I didn't like the "Disney-ish" tone that was trying to be brought to the table. It was weird, but I understand the demographic that was intended, and I didn't fit into that audience. Every KQ game had a reference to some fairytale or myth in every game, and KQVII wasn't an exception. I liked the Boogeyman, The Fates, and even the Chicken Little references.

6. Romancing the Stones (Thrones): This remake was great, and I liked the new story elements that were implemented. The Growth Gem's trial was the best one. I liked that the team brought in the story of KQ3 and Mask of Eternity. This game was awesome for it being a fanmade remake, but I found the game to be confusing at times. Usually, in adventure games, I find myself using intuition to guide me through the game, and in this remake, I found myself questioning why things were the way they were. For instance, there was no way that I would have known that the Wolfbane was in Possum's house unless I looked at a walkthrough. I also wouldn't have known that the gem on Graham's sword could be removed, unless I used the picket from the fence on the sword for every chapter, until it came off. It was a fun game, but it lacked the essence of the bigger titles out there.

7. The Perils of Rosella: It was a good game, but nothing really blew me away about it. I played this after The Princeless Bride, so it was cool to see where Edgar's character came from, but nothing special overall for me. I will withhold proper judgment until after the KQ4 VGA remake comes out, because I'm really not a big fan of the 'textual input' system.

8. Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder: I have to say that this game was my least favorite, and it wasn't because of Cedric. It was because of the HEAP glitch that prevented me from fighting Mordack and from finishing the game. It was tough to bear, going through the entire game and not being allowed to finish it. Apparently, there was a way to fix it and get past the HEAP interruption, but at the time that I played the game, I was young and didn't know the first thing about computers. What I played of the game was fun, but just like Perils of Rosella, I didn't think much of it. It was borderline mediocre. The most exciting part of the game was collecting Mordack's spells so you could use them against him. But like I said, I was sorely disappointed with that.

Hopefully, the entirety of The Silver Lining will take the gold on my list. I like what I'm seeing so far, I just want to see more.          
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Quote from: Fierce Deity on July 29, 2010, 10:40:45 PM
Hopefully, the entirety of The Silver Lining will take the gold on my list. I like what I'm seeing so far, I just want to see more.

If it keep up the level of intensity and awesomeness, it may even surpass KQVI on my list.

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1 ) KQVI - No comments needed.
2 ) KQIV - You know what? I love the change from Day to Night in this game.
3 ) KQVII -  Rosella as a troll? Hilarious! Also I liked how you played from two different characters' perspectives.
4 ) KQII+ - The new AGDI version really added a lot more than just graphics. The story, and new characters, were great!
5 ) KQIII - I've only played through this once, but it struck me as unconventional and clever.
6 ) MoE - I can't believe I'm putting MoE ahead of I/II/V ... but I am. Perhaps it's a testament of how little I cared for any of those games.
7 ) KQII
8 ) KQI+ / KQI
9 ) KQV -  :watchout:  :snake:

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1. KQ6
2. KQ4
3. KQ1
4. KQ2+
5. KQ5
6. KQ3
7. KQ1+
8. KQ3+
9. KQ2

I never had a chance to play KQ7 and MoE.
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Does the + sign mean the remakes?
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King's Quest 6, hands down. It had the best storyline and one-liners. The death puns are the funniest also. Also have a soft spot for Girl In The Tower.

I liked KQ2 remake as well. I liked how it extended the plot. It made for a more engaging and fulfilling story. It had rediscover the old lands in a new way and enjoy the new sections. It's my favorite of the remakes so far. (Notice I say so far. TSL may very well trump it in the future, lol)
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Quote from: writerlove on August 02, 2010, 08:52:50 PM
Also have a soft spot for Girl In The Tower.

Really? It seemed awkwardly contemporary to me - at odds with the rest of the fantastic, timeless, story.

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I love Girl in the Tower. Burned it onto a mix CD back in the day.
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I found it highly amusing that the song was being played during a scene in Torin's Passage.
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