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The tree! - A couple of comments after playing again.

Started by Cat1, August 15, 2010, 06:19:18 PM

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Just played this again today - I liked it better the second time!  Some of the music is starting to grow on me - especially the song that plays at the start of the credits.  And I really like the narrator's voice, even if I don't like some of what she says.  The whole atmosphere immersed me more than the first time I played.  So good work, and thanks again for the great game!  Can't wait for the second one with more puzzles!

But now I have a couple of comments about the tree!

1. When I clicked (I think it was the hand) on the left hand hole in the tree, Graham bent down, but there was no comment from the narrator so I wasn't sure what he was doing -  was he looking in the hole or trying to hide behind the tree?  I can't think of any other times in the game where the narrator doesn't comment when you click on something, so I wondered if there is a missing narrator line there that should have explained what Graham was doing?

2. It also seemed a bit strange that when you click the hand on other parts of the tree, Graham actually tries to climb it, but then we are told that there is nothing up there that will help Graham with his quest anyway.  In that case why does he try to climb it?  It would have made more sense if we were told that graham attempts to climb the tree but it is too slippery with the rain or something.  Not a big problem, but it is a little bit annoying having to watch him pointlessly try to climb it, as it takes a few seconds and you can't skip the animation there, and if you are trying to click everywhere and leave no stone unturned, you have to waste a lot of time watching him try to climb it about 10 times!  I noticed the same thing with the suit of armour in the castle.  He goes and tries to move it, but then we are told that he doesn't want to wear it anyway - so in that case why does he bother?  I tried to click on all the different bits just in case you could open a secret passage or something with it, so it got a bit tedious after a while.  I would prefer it if there was just a narrator comment that you could skip by clicking rather than having to wait through an animation that doesn't seem to fit in with the narrator comment anyway.  I don't so much mind with something like the locked box in the town, because at least it makes sense - Graham is trying to open it but finds that he can't.  But with the tree and the armour, it seems like Graham is trying to do something that he doesn't want to do anyway.. a bit of a contradiction!

No big deal, I know I'm being pretty picky and I'm not expecting you to change anything, just something to keep in mind maybe  :)


Hi Cat! Welcome to the forums :)

The bending over I'm not quite sure why he does that, actually. As for the tree, well--he's got to climb up it a bit to make sure there's nothing there he wants. Graham's a very thorough adventurer after all ;) (it probably is one of those animations that, in retrospect, would've made sense to only have playing the one time, but it just never crossed anyone's mind, I think)

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Hi Katie,

Interesting - I'm intrigued about why he bends down now!  Endless possibilities...  Maybe he thought he should bow and introduce himself to the tree just in case it was alive like the one in KQ5 - you never know when a tree is going to present you with a harp... :P

And ah, I see about the climbing now ;)