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Theories on what's to come!

Started by KatieHal, September 18, 2010, 09:07:28 PM

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hahaha, that's good Numbers. I like that.

As for death speculation, my mouth is zipped  :suffer:   :-X
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I'm sure he'll turn up as a zombie, zombies "in" this year, right?


I think I warmed up a lot more on the "Valanece kicking a butt" part.

I think I was more against the idea that she HAD to kick butt as a way to complete her character, that she had to become some sort of warrior in order to be a valid character cause to me she always was a very strong character in her own right and that it was trading her strong character for just another Graham or Rosella.

Yet I kind of see now that just because she gains power it doesn't mean it takes anything away from her character and that she can demonstrate it without becoming a new character herself (Not to mention, she has more then enough character and plot reasons to be pretty mad). The Silver Lining is about both Graham and Valanece discovering themselves and the depths of their resolve and abilities. It is about the past, future, and the ever after.

Especially since my idea for how she could escape from the tower was pushing her desk down the stairs and decking that monster off and am REALLY hoping she saves herself. *fingers super crossed*


I have a feeling that in the spirit of KQVI, there will be several different endings (not just because of KQVI, but also because POS' more recent endeavors seem to have taken a darker turn... These Amnesia and Silent Hill-type games seem to be driving the trends these days... eep).

Anyhow, I suspect there will be many possible endings - Graham chooses to save Alexander, Rosella, or sacrifice himself to save them both. Not sure how Valanice will fit in there, but in the most general sense, I think Graham is going to have to choose one child over the other or sacrifice himself to save both, so that's 3 endings right there.

I think it's gonna get all kinds of dark and heady up in there, and I think it's gonna be awesome sauce.


Urgh! I'm sorry, but I HATE those theories that say that he can only save one child!

If he only saves Alex, then Edgar will be unhappy and the wedding scene will be POINTLESS!

If he only saves Rosie, then the Green Isles will be without a King and Cassie will be a frigging WIDOW!

Same goes for Graham sacrificing himself!


Is Episode 5 Dead of the Silver Lining

Numbers, I'm pretty sure episode 5 is not titled "Dead of the Silver Lining." (Hark, do I smell the birth of a zombie/Silver Lining crossover?)

Oh wait, you're asking if episode 5 isn't going to be released? The team has emphatically stated "yes" many times now.

And GrahamRocks, there are plenty of instances in fiction in which a terrible decision must be made, or a character's sacrifice becomes ultimately pointless. They're called tragedies. TSL is based on the works of Shakespeare (allegedly). What was Shakespeare most famous for?

Sorry, but not every story is going to be tied up in a pretty little bow. That may have been the case when the official KQ series was doing its run, but TSL is a product of the 2010ish era, and standards have changed. That's one reason Twilight is so reviled--no big sacrifices need to be made, no ultimate showdown, no casualties whatsoever. Twilight is sugary sweet, optimistic, and as such, incredibly behind the times. Hunger Games is a more accurate representation of today's gritty standards, and if you get bummed out about the trials and tribulations of fictional characters, you'll want to stay far away from it.

Long story short, TSL is more cruel, twisted and depressing than the rest of the KQ series, because that's just how stories are nowadays. And something tells me it's only going to get worse in the final chapter, so everyone better steel themselves up for it.
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If they go down that route with the ending, I'm gonna be PISSED!!!

Am I in denial? If I am, I don't care!!

Oh, and speaking of Twilight, do you like seeing that horrible excuse for literature torn apart and analyzed book by book by a woman who hates the series with a passion? I recommend Das Mervin on Livejournal. She's just about done with Breaking Dawn and has done other sporkings of books too.


To be honest, TSL has enough tragedy in it right now that uncovering the full tragedy is enough without killing family members. What I'd like to see is Graham interacting with each of his children in the dream sequences to uncover more and more truth now that we have all of Valanice's story. I'd like to see the ultimate showdown at the very end be the royal family fighting side by side even if the twins are 'evil' in some way for part of the battle.

I'm curious about the Ranger still though. We really don't know anything about him. I'd REALLY love to know who he is and how he fits in the story.


I brought up what I've been saying to a friend of mine on Facebook and he had this to say:

If TSL isn't tied up 'in a pretty bow', then it's been a complete waste of time, because EVERY f***ing KQ game has a feel-good ending.

But even KQ8 had a darker feel to it, but you still save the day.  JUST because "everyone else is doing it" doesn't mean you take and completely s*** on the whole values and basis of the whole series.  If they end up killing off one of the twins, I will 1) not play the rest of the episodes 2) not consider it part of even the fan canon and 3) lose all faith on Phoenix.

It's NOT their IP to take and kill off any of the main characters like that as it is.

And this is coming from a guy who hasn't even played past episode 2 IIRC.


Agreed :) This is to say, if this is a multiple endings game that I don't mind if there is a family death in one of THOSE endings- not the true ending version. I don't mind if the ending is tragic with them.

I'd be VERY upset if the real ending was a tragedy though. After what the family has been through, I'd love to have feels over a happy ending :)


I would be the *blush* censored friend GrahamRocks spoke of.  I stick to my points, and I'm going to add that yes, I'll accept a death as a possible outcome as one of many 'bad' endings, but the *true* ending, the good ending, should be as KQ has always been - Good triumphs over Evil and everyone lives.  Otherwise, what's the point of making a KQ game if it doesn't have the same spirit as the rest of the series?


*squees* Ori!!! :D You're here! Yay!


Phoenix doesn't own the KQ IP at all, thus they can do whatever they want with the characters. They could turn Graham into a duck and you'd have to accept it. Get over it and stop getting so butthurt over the insignificant things in life. If you're taking fiction this seriously, it speaks volumes about your mental health, or lack thereof. And GrahamRocks, stop bringing other people into this just so you outnumber me. The popular opinion is not always the correct one.

And for the love of Christ, enough with the "Internet screaming"--ending every sentence in multiple exclamation marks. It is beyond grating.
I have no mouth, and I must scream.


Huh, wow, somebody seems butthurt that an opinion is different than theirs.

You see, the point is that because it's NOT their IP, that's exactly why they shouldn't take extreme liberties with the characters.  And I wouldn't have to accept a thing, it's called 'not playing the game' - nothing to get over if I find the work they've done to be either sub-par or completely off the source material.  It might be 'insignificant', but these games and series hold a dear part in a lot of our hearts.

It also seems that you don't like GrahamRocks (at least in this thread) just because of a contrary viewpoint, and then get antagonistic with her.  Such a lovely thing to do.  And just because it's YOUR opinion, doesn't mean it's correct either.  Something you should keep in mind.  And then to start criticizing because of one use of extra exclamation points... somebody really needs to take their own advice and stop getting butthurt over insignificant things, because it speaks volumes about your mental health.

(See what I did there?

Really man, calm down, I've not seen that much negativity in two small paragraphs in a LONG time.  Cripes.)


We almost never agree on anything, except vanilla ice cream is the best, and he gave me really good writing advice as harsh as it was. :) So, I appreciate that from him at least.

But otherwise? He is my foil. My antithesis. Everything I like, such as the voice acting in the games (which while 5, 7 and 8 I can get even though I don't mind them, but TSL and 6?!), KQ7, and the SW prequels (at least I think that was you who linked me the Distressed Watcher vid? Or was that Lamb?), he hates. He told me that there's "something that rubs [him] the wrong way" (been trying to find that post for months now actually), and while I can't really give you an answer on the "basing my opinions just because a reviewer said it and not forming my own" I CAN give an answer for the clowns and Atop The Fourth Wall thing.

Simply put: Clowns NEVER scared me, and I've never understood why people are afraid of them. I miss friendly clowns in media, and Atop The Fourth Wall just furthered my point in why I don't freak out at them.


Seriously, Clowns creep me out...  how could ANYBODY find them amusing when they look like the painted embodiment of childhood fears.


Eh. To each their own. They still don't scare me.

And how come you never b**** at me for taking liberties in my stories, Numbers? Then again, I have no idea whether or not you've even read my Quest For Glory one.

Turning Graham into a duck would be HILARIOUS though, since it reminds me of KQ2+, which is a game I loved.


The Phoenix Online crew can do what they'd like with the characters and if they want to kill someone, that's up to them. The King's Quest games have stayed with us for nearly 30 years for a reason though- emotional investment. Telling a fan to not be emotionally invested in a fictional character is like telling them to leave the fandom. Yes, they can kill a character but you know what? There are fans out there that will care that their favourite character got axed off by a fan game- canon or not. It's fun to explore the many deaths of King Graham, but it's only because we know that things will work out in the end if we do it right. That's how the King's Quest games have been up till now, and that's why it'd be upsetting if the happy ending we're use to became less than feel good. And TSL is no more darker than the other games IMHO. It might feel darker cause perhaps the censorship laws made them tone down the intensity in previous games, but the undertone was always there.