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Theories on what's to come!

Started by KatieHal, September 18, 2010, 09:07:28 PM

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Yeah that negativity came out of hearing "This is Graham's story" over and over again until I started to believe it in the worst possible sense (especially the way it was being used.)

Yet really, all that should mean is that Graham is the main character but not that he is the only important one.


I suspect that crazy theory of "Graham is REALLY the villain!" also came from that?


Quote from: GrahamRocks! on December 01, 2012, 09:23:28 AM
I suspect that crazy theory of "Graham is REALLY the villain!" also came from that?

No, it came from the knowledge of what the Silver Cloak's ability is which is to create "Dreams come true" and then I just have to ask this question: "What if Graham wished for a life of adventure or peace after the fall of the black cloaks?".

Thus Graham becomes the source of everything that has happened and thus inadvertingly became the villain. Shandrak may even be the product of him needing to be the villain.

It is that Graham through his actions caused all the pain and strive him and his family have gone through. That is what would have made him the "villain" so to speak.

Shandrak either being an opportunist who is taking advantage of Graham's amnesiac state or a victim of the dream come true.


Or, on the other side of the spectrum: he could be wishing for a life of adventure and peace after the Silver Cloaks fell, so he'd be able to reincarnated as Graham and begin a new life.


Quote from: GrahamRocks! on December 01, 2012, 02:42:55 PM
Or, on the other side of the spectrum: he could be wishing for a life of adventure and peace after the Silver Cloaks fell, so he'd be able to reincarnated as Graham and begin a new life.

It is even possible that Graham wished that all the Silver cloaks to be gone after they won because they became just as bad.

Making all the remaining black cloaks to be ex-Silvercloaks. (I think the extra silver cloak man is Edgar for some reason)

So many possibilities.


Pride is a dangerous thing, no?

But, what I meant was: with Graham being reincarnated from Leo, he can stop the second coming of darkness, hopefully NOT sacrificing himself like last time, and being allowed to live again in the form of Graham.

Hmm... I wonder what made Leo choose him of all people out of thouands of others to be reborn as?


It is likely that Graham exemplifies the virtues that Leo held dear.

Someone good and couragous. Like a Idealised version of King Richard the Lionhearted.

Kind and Couragous, strong and witty. A purehearted individual who considers the plight of the lowliest beggar in equal weight to the most affluent noble. Capable of showing sympathy to even the worst criminal. While his every intonation is kind there is an undercurrent of strength allowing him to command those not through force but by the ties he makes.

A Lion with the heart of a lamb.

The Exact opposite of a black cloak and one who could never be corrupted by power, even absolute power.

I REALLY should do a character analysis topic.


*smiles* And THAT is why I never believed your "Graham is Shadrack Theory", because what you just wrote there matches perfectly with the Companion, and it just... doesn't feel right to have the bravest and kindest man the Realm of Daventry has ever known as both a Knight and a King, be the one they were supposed to be fighting this whole time.

I'm sorry, Neon. But that theory just doesn't sit well with me. Forgive me.


The Graham is Shadrack Theory was more about the possibilty that Shendrak could have been born from Graham inadvertingly.

For example perhaps the Silver cloaks started to become corrupt including Graham and in order to seal it off he had to cut away his evil and essentially start anew. Shendrak being the dark part of Graham who grew darker and more evil since then.

Or perhaps he really did turn into Shendrak and was saved by turning into Graham leaving the husk of Shendrak behind. Giving a reason why Graham doesn't have Silver cloak magic and why he would have to give it up.

That somehow Graham created Shendrak

But I do agree that I was grasping at straws. I believe that Graham and Shendrak have some sort of connection and a reason why Shendrak would want to manipulate instead of outright killing Graham.

As well as a possible climax where Graham breaks the cycle himself with all the strength he gained though his many adventures.

So basically I am just crazy.



I do think you are probably right.

Graham does seem like someone who could never be corrupted by power.


...Excuse me... I need to wake up.


Now, say that again in more detail. I must be dreaming.


I can admit I am wrong, I will rarely say it in the midst of conversation, but I like to reach a point where I am completely assured of my mistake before I do so.



What made you realize your mistake? I didn't... force you to make that decision with my constant disagreeing, did I?


It happened by consistantly exploring Graham's character and the ideas behind the game in general.

I mean to my knowledge there has never been magic to make someone act against their personality (though you can trick them into thinking they were other people)

And unlike Space Quest, Quest for Glory, and The Island of Doctor Brain... Kings Quest doesn't share its continuity with any other gmae.

Jussara Gonzo

 I really hope Graham won't die  :-\


I'd rather not have ANYBODY die!


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...I KNEW someone was going to ask that!

*sigh* I meant the good guys. I highly doubt just sealing Shadrack away again will work, since as has been shown, seals weaken over time. This guy HAS to die!

I'm just hoping Graham doesn't die as well, nor Alex or Rosie or Valanice. That would put a damper on everyone's mood if it's discovered that one of those of the twins will never wake up. Edgar would be forever alone, or Cassima would be a widow and the Isles would be without a King.


Whatever happens, I hope that peace can be accomplished with diplomacy, love, and little bloodshed.

Whoa...sorry, thought I was Stephanie Meyer for a minute there.
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