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can't fish a mermaid

Started by blueray, September 20, 2010, 07:19:59 AM

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so, now it finally got me..

i'm sitting here now for 3 hours and can't play on anymore..

[spoiler]finding the chain in the upper castle was 1 boring thing to find..

i stuck it to the fishing pole and tried fishing at all 3 islands. [/spoiler]didn't work. i can't open my inventory when i'm out on the sea and when i want to buy a map from the map guy and give him money i get "you don't need any things from this merchant".. so good, i don't need a map fine.[spoiler] and i can't fish with my "perfect bait".[/spoiler]


[spoiler]the two chess horses wont' let me in either, i tried the hole in the wall at every place on the wall, didn't work. i thought he belongs to this island, but i can't do anything with him there.

i even tried to cover myself as a chess figure with the guard post in front of the castle. didn't work.

the oisters are just there, using the hand or any other item does nothing at all. i even tried to click with the hand icon when they open up to catch an item in the oisters like a pearl to fit on the fishing poil, nothing.

read all books in the store, talked to all people, tried offering money to all merchants.

drifted away on the winged people isle, there is nothing more to do there.[/spoiler]

can't do any more things on the other isles, too.

already got the poisoned arm.
other two items are left.

what is a vessel anyway ? i got the boat.. animated ? can't think of anything.

i even put in some fresh water from the fountain in the bottle and wanted to water the plant to the right on wonder island[spoiler] to get over the wall. [/spoiler]didn't work.

it really gets boring after trying anything for 3 hours..

there would have been so many possibilities that could have been fun, nothing worked..


the stories i read [spoiler]about samson and the princess on the pearl[/spoiler] were of no use to me in the game. nice story ;)) especially about the princess hehe, but i don't know of what use this would be in the game.

can anyone please give me a hint without telling the solution how i can play on ?

please ?


You can't get the map until Graham knows he needs it.

Is there someone who might want to see a map?


nice gobliiins avatar :)

yeah i thought about that. [spoiler]the boat man would eventually want to see a map to know where to go i guess, so i tried talking to him, tried to use the fishing pole on him to show him i want to go fishing. didn't work.

what other people are there to know of a map..
the winged people ? no

the book store ? maybe, but i already offered him money and talked everything through, [spoiler]same with the joker guy sitting there and reading.[/spoiler]

talked to all merchants, to the castle guards.. there are no more other people [spoiler]who could know of a map[/spoiler] ?

edit: did you know mermaids were in reality in fact sea cows :) i learned that on my trip to the mediterranean sea on isles in italy and france. they make sounds like a crying woman, so the fishermen think there is a woman in need of help and sail there to help her. the sea cows sit on rocks, and so the ships go under when they follow the "songs" of the mermaids and crash on the rocks. ;)


Well Hassan did tell you to ask the bookshop owner Ali about the lost magic bag.  There's a particular item you're carrying that you can show to Ali to make it clear that you want his help with such a thing.
Weldon Hathaway


Do you see the red circled area near bottom of magic map?


ok, i read in another post what i should show him.

so far so good, but it doesn't make sense in any way.. (for me at least).

why should i show him the map i am carrying, there are only a few isles on it. if ali knows something about it, he also knows the isles and the map i am carrying.

so if there is a map merchant i should buy a map from him.

in the end, when you have done all stuff, it makes sense, but before you ever played that part it's very hard to come to this conclusion. ali should just tell that there is a specific point somewhere in the sea. graham should then be able to go buy a map (because he needs one) and let ali mark the X.

but why show a map to ali before knowing he needs one to set a mark or something..

maybe it sounds unlogical to people who already played it, but i stick with my point of view. ;)

thx for your help. i will play on 2morrow :)


You're not showing Ali the map, you're showing him the ingredient scroll because (as a scholar) he may have done research that could be useful to you.

Then you can show the newly marked map to Hassan so he's aware of the new location.
Weldon Hathaway


You do show the map to Ali eventually, but at that point, he has specifically requested it.

Steve Abbott | Beta Tester | The Silver Lining


ok, showing him the ingredients list is a better way and makes sense. you are right.

didn't recognize he requested to see it though.. well. what would adventure games be without those kinds of getting stuck.