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[NOT-FIXED]Game stutters during most scenes (Category: Install/Setup)

Started by Crenshinabon, September 20, 2010, 06:53:02 PM

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So oddly enough I have Windows XP and with Episode 1 it did the exact same thing. I ran the windows 7 patch back then and it actually fixed the problem as far as i know even though I do not have Windows 7.

Now it happens again. Right from the begining I get a stutter in sound and video.
I can play the game, but the stutter is brutal.
I am 100% sure it is not my computer not being able to handle the game graphically.
Also something odd, I tried to run the config and it would not let me because of outdated framework. I DLd framework 4 and now it says it cannot even find framework on my system anymore when i run config.

I tried the Windows 7 patch again but it cannot find framework to install also.

Thanks for reading.


Try totalling uninstalling both The Silver Lining and .net framework from your computer, then visit and get everything that's recommended there.  Also hit up your computer manufacturer's website and get any audio or video driver updates that they have available.
Weldon Hathaway