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TSL: Episode Two Guide **SPOILERS**

Started by NTheGrey, September 21, 2010, 12:01:47 PM

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At the risk of sounding supremely childish, I have hit a brick wall.  Things are suddenly dead, though I've done quite a bit.  Here's where I am.

1.) Have Hole-in-the-Wall.
2.) Opened Chess-Land but can't access it
3.) Done everything in the market; Spider still blocks the door though I did get her poison.
4.) Got the Nightshade from Isle of Sacred Mountain.

I am currently running around with the following items: Nightshade, money, cloak, bottle of water filled with fresh water, Cassima's necklace-as-bait-on-fishing-pole, Map, and Poisoned Arm.  If ANYONE could help me out, I'd really appreciate it.  I also read the books, and though they give good tips, none of them seem accessible right now.



Moving this to the Hints forum.

Of the two ingredients you have left, you'll have to do them in a certain order. One of them, someone's given you a hint about where it might be already. Have you asked around about that?

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The spider will always be there at the news office, she runs the place.

And isn't there a specific reason you have that map you're carrying around?
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