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No offense to the rest of the team, but...

Started by J-Rod, September 24, 2010, 05:49:20 PM

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Whoever did the music in this game deserves an award. In the past two episodes, the main thing that has stuck out to me as being top-notch and incredible is the music. That's usually the one aspect of a game I take the least notice of, so it really has left an impression. It's better than what I've heard from the highly advertised, multi-million dollar, high budget games I've played this year. Kudos to to y'all, there are some talented talented folks doing the soundtrack! It's just...

[spoiler]Make no mistake though, the whole game so far is awesome, and I am lovin' it. Thanks guys and gals.[/spoiler]


Austin is just plain incredible, on that I think we all agree 100%.
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What an appropriate .gif to describe the music of Austin Haynes!

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Totally agreed, and also I love that .gif! I thought that was just about the funniest moment in Spiderman 3!

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Yeah - the music seems to be the one thing that consistently gets high praise from everybody! Austin is great, and we're really lucky to have him! !!!

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No offense taken.  I'm very happy with the music and Austin deserves the praise.

Audio quality has always been years ahead of graphics even in the early days of computer gaming.  Sound cards made their impact long before video cards ever did which meant the tools to create a great audio soundtrack already existed when this project started unlike game engines which have a come a long way since but were limited at the time.

Of course tools only get you so far. Austin's talent is really what made the audio raise the bar in this game.
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The music was all made specifically for the game? WOW- seriously, for a game that you can download for free, it's fantastic! Heck, for a game you can purchase it was fantastic! The music is really important for me to set the scene. I'm really happy to hear it's unique to the game :)


Pfft. I wouldn't even accept any game at all if the music wasn't written specifically for it. That's ridiculous.



Quote from: MusicallyInspired on November 17, 2010, 04:20:17 PM
Pfft. I wouldn't even accept any game at all if the music wasn't written specifically for it. That's ridiculous.


I generally agree with you, but or example, Braid was a great example of beautiful music not written for a game that still worked.

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Frankly, I would've been happy if TSL was 60% rip from the previous games and other games with a unique storyline if they kept the soul of the series. I couldn't play a King's Quest game with a bad plot. The fact that it's all pretty and with original soundtracks for me adds to fangirl quota :) I mean, I play Phoenix Wright fan games and they all use game sprites and game music. To see an original sprite for a Phoenix Wright game is HUGE. To me, TSL is pretty mind boggling as a whole.


Have you played the King's Quest II remake? Everything in that game is also original and it's only a 320x200 VGA(-style) game. If that had a complete original score you can bet TSL does (or should, and it does).


I love the original music, but I really hope that there's a version of Greensleeves waiting for us in one of the episodes -- only because it was in so many of the original games. I wouldn't be like horrendously disappointed if there isn't, I just think it would be a nice touch. I mean, it's not like if they were making a QfG sequel and didn't include a version of the Hero's March (that would be a major oversight) but it is the court song of Daventry after all.
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