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Which is worse?

Started by Haids1987, October 05, 2010, 09:01:45 PM

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Hey.  How 'bout that ride down here?  I guess that's why they call it "Sin City."  :P

Okay, for real...let's play a new game!!!  The rules are easy--post two of something (scenarios, movies, names, muffins, etc), and the person below you will answer which of the two is worse.  Also answering why you picked the answer is always interesting. ;)  My turn!

Which is worse...
Having grass for hair or yarn for fingernails?
-Drinking water
-Checking the forum. 

Perpetually. ;D
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Cool idea!

Yarn is worse because having grass hair would actually be pretty cool.

WIW (which is worse): The 2005 C&D or the 2010 C&D?

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Oh, I'd have to say 2010, we just made it look easy :P

WIW bottle water or tap water?


Death to bottled water!

*regains composure*

WIW: VHS or 8-track?

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VHS is worse because VHS became popular by the sole purpose that the tape has a longer length. VHS's competitor, BETA, has superior quality by a long-shot (the TV stations I worked at used BETA right up until the Digital TV switch in 2008-2009). BETA is just that good... VHS quality is POOEY and it shows. It really really shows.

At least 8-Track was actual portable quality back then considering what they had.

WIW: Getting bit by a shark or stung by 30 Jelly fish. No death in either case... but it would hurt. a lot.
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I think getting bit by a shark would be worse, because even if you don't die, there's a high chance you'll become an amputee. Being stung by 30 Jellyfish, while painful, would be tolerable to the former. I would also suggest that if you get stung by 30 jellyfish, that you not have any qualms with soaking in a tub of urine to kill the pain.

WIW: Compact Disc or Vinyl? 
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I'm going to be very objective and say Vinyl because even though it's nostalgic, its quality degrades over time it's a generally lossy storage medium. Plus it's large.

WIW: Tipping over backwards in a chair, or using a slow computer?

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I'd say using a slow computer. While one can quickly recover from tipping over backwards in a chair (assuming a coma is not induced from the incident), it takes weeks and weeks of hard labor and many paychecks to earn the amount of money required to upgrade a slow computer to a respectable level of awesomeness.

WIW: PS3 or X360?
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I like your response.

Probably the 360 because I don't care for multiplayer gaming, and the PS3 has a broader range of more interesting games. Though to be fair, I don't own either.

WIW: Too sweet or too hot? (with regard to food/drink)

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ooh... new game... I like...

Too hot: I have no spice/hot tolerance.

WIW: compiling code or hands-on labwork?
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Compiling code, because I can't do it.

WIW athlete's foot or a non-itchy facial rash?
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non-itchy facial rash. I have to be in public a lot and work with a lot of random people... so, that would be a bad thing. Although, both are really nasty.

WIW: Mono tin-canny sound or Standard Definition TV?
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Dang, that's really hard...I can't pick! (Does this mean I lose?)

WIW: KQVII or KQVIII? (holy acronyms!)

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I'd have to say KQVIII. Although it had potential and I liked it more than KQVII, Mask of Eternity was the black sheep of the series. KQVII was considered a "true sequel" while Mask of Eternity was banished to a dimension of "unworthiness". I'd recommend KQVIII to just about anybody, but for the sake of this game, I'll consider it the worse.

WIW: Facebook or MySpace?
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Myspace. Facebook has Frontierville. :P

WIW: No internet or no cellphone?


No cellphone. My phone has everything I'd ever need. XP

WIW: Going deaf or going blind?
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This is tough, cause on one hand I think music is one of the finest works of art that humanity has been able to muster up, but on the other hand, we're all very reliant on our sight. I'll have to say that losing your sight would have to be worse. Besides, Beethoven was deaf, and he was still able to enjoy music, though maybe not to its full extent.

WIW: iPod or Zune?
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Zune, because Apple is best! (Admittedly, I'm a fanboy.)

WIW: :stabs: or :whip:? (as a method of torture)

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Stabbing is definitely worse. Especially if it were a method of torture. Stabbing will draw blood, and a loss of blood could make the victim light-headed and eventually kill him. Whipping is not nearly as lethal, and it hurts like hell. Very effective for getting the answers you desire.  :evil:

WIW:  :snake: or  :watchout:?
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 :snake: because it looks more vicious.  All  :watchout: wants is a little music.

WIW: Burning to death or freezing to death?
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