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Valanice, her parents, and her station.

Started by Baggins, November 09, 2010, 11:41:29 AM

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Hmm, this goes back to a discussion from a few months ago. We were discussing Valanice's parents and her station in comparison to King Graham. I was discussing how she was the daughter of a prince and a miller's daughter. I was discussing how the various spinoff material treats Graham as very low station, and of minor nobility. There was a big discussion on how people preferred the novels over the companion's portrayal of things, and some argued that the Companion somehow overstepped its bounds (by suggesting that Valanice was more than just a maiden).

In anycase I was going back through Kingdom of Sorrow and See No Weevil, and discovered that it apparently makes a reference to the King's Quest Companions.

In both it mentions that Graham's station is very low. KOS mentions that Graham was not born to the king's station, he was born a "nobody", and that his family heritage does not stretch back far into Daventry's history. It points out that Valanice in contrast was born royality, and that she is able show Graham how to act at the station he was thrust into. There are a few mentions of Valanice's childhood and her life in castle in Kolyma being chased around by her lady-in-waiting up and down the stairs.

See No Weevil expands on this pointing out that also pointing out that Graham was not born a king. Further it points out that Valanice was born at a higher station. It states that she was only royal on one side. Its pointed out that Rosella on the other hand, since she was born both of a king (albeit new royalty/dynasty from a lower station) and a queen (from only royal station on one side) makes her royalty on two sides, unlike her parents. She was a princess born and raised (and a bit overly proud about it).

Obviously both of these appear to be a nod towards the information in King's Quest Companion, referencing the fact that Valanice was the daughter of royality, Prince Cedric of Kolyma and that her mother was Coignice, a miller's daughter.

It also seems to nod to the fact that Graham's heritage doesn't go very far back in Daventry's history. This is not specifically mentioned in the companion, but is implied in a few references in the companion and Hoyle I. Where its suggested about his family;  that Graham is at least 3rd generation knight. His father, Hereward, was a knight of the kingdom, Edward's best friend, and said to be a noble. However, his grandfather, may have been a knight errant not tied to any kingdoms (known for battling the Dragon of Herenna). Its implied in the companion that Graham although he grew up in the castle court, and went to the royal schools, he never lived the typical life of a noble. The companion also seems to suggests that Valanice brought the finer aspects of royal court with her to Daventry. Its definitely supports that Graham was not born into the king's station (and was a minor noble at best).

Interesting informationto be sure.
Well, ya, King's Quest is on Earth. Daventry is very old city from a long time ago. It's in ruins now and people aren't quite sure exactly where it used to be. There are some archaeologists searching through the ruins, they think they know its Daventry. But its somewhere on Earth."-Roberta Williams