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Conquests of Camelot: One game that truly deserves a remake

Started by Sir Perceval of Daventry, October 09, 2011, 06:44:06 PM

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Sir Perceval of Daventry

IMO, the Conquests series was one of Sierra's best series, but is sadly forgotten by most. It was a great series that aimed to play out true classical mythology and folkore in a very grounded, very well researched way; it eschewed in large measure the light hearted humor of KQ, and arguably had stronger, more logical puzzles and the creator

The series consisted of two games: Conquests of Camelot, which came out in 1990 and was an SCI game with the protagonist as King Arthur and the story being the classical Quest for the Holy Grail. The second game, Conquests of the Longbow, came out in 1992 and starred Robin Hood and was VGA Point N' Click game. Sadly, the series didn't sell that well and was cancelled. But it is a great series, and I believe Conquests of Camelot is one of those games that deserves a VGA 1:1 remake.


Conquests of Camelot was a great game, but it would have been a lot better had it not relied so heavily on "puzzles" that were more or less copy protection, since so many required the manual.

It also commits one of my seven deadly sins of adventure gaming: the use of pure riddles (with no clues or answers available in-game.)  And not just one riddle.  You had to do f****** FIVE of them.  IN A ROW.  And it was absolutely required to proceed in the game.  Nothing says "here, read the developers mind" like expecting players to be able to just figure out your crappily written riddles.  Ugh.  I f****** HATED that part.

Other than that though, it's a pretty cool game.  It's got some great EGA graphics--honestly, I'm not sure it needs the VGA upgrade.


I apologise in advance if this doesn't make sense. It's the middle of the night. XD

XD I thought the riddles were fun. :P Though I did end up googling most of them. XD It is a marvelous game though. I like the fact that it lets you be in charge of how much money to give people and it makes you make moral choices, without which you wouldn't be able to complete the game. It's a very unique series that way. I just started replaying Conquests of the Longbow today. I recall navigating in the forest being particularly difficult, as well as the game being fairly unforgiving and having lots of timed puzzles.

Honestly though, for CoC, I thought the mythology worked very well. You didn't even necessarily need the manual, as you could simply look up any of those myths and goddesses. The idea was to immerse you into the setting, (which it actually does very well) instead of telling you "There's a cult. They worship Aphrodite. Aphrodite guards the grail. You! Find the grail!" In many ways, it's a lot like GK2, but in 1990, they simply didn't have the time or the resources to pour that much money and time into making that many chapters composed largely of backstory. Considering that the player would have had to read it all instead of solving puzzles, I imagine people would have gotten bored quickly. But as they made you examine the myths in order to solve puzzles, you could immerse yourself in the backstory and still make progress in the game.
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Conquests of Camelot is the one sierra game I always wanted to play but never did. It looks cool. Conquests of the Long Bow was a great game.



Only played Longbow.  I liked it but I remember I consulted a walkthrough frequently.  I thought the different expressions the Robin portraits had was a really nice touch.
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