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The Forum Guidelines

Started by KatieHal, January 25, 2011, 11:58:02 AM

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General Forum Guidelines:

1. Be respectful of other posters. If someone shares a different point of view than you, respect their opinion. We can't all agree on everything, but we can agree to disagree.

2. No spam.

3. No flaming or trolling. We don't take kindly to flamers or trolls, and we will deal with each instance on a case-by-case basis; repeated violations will lead to banning.

4. No personal attacks. This includes bullying. Such posts will be promptly deleted and dealt with accordingly, and may lead to banning.

5. No foul language or images. This forum is family-friendly. We have been known to edit posts for those words (or images) that have not been caught by the filter.

6. If you dislike something, be constructive in your criticism. You are free to express your opinion, but we ask that you be polite and respectful in doing so.

7. Check to make sure the topic of your thread doesn't already exist. Feel free to use the search feature on the forum, which will make finding already created threads that much easier. We tend to merge threads that are the same topic. Additionally, don't post simply to 'bump' an older thread--if you're going to post in an old thread, make sure you have something new to add.

8. If you have a personal question, please PM one of the moderators (Say, dark-daventry, KatieHal, waltzdancing, or wilco64256). We will be happy to answer your question, and if we can't, we will forward it to someone who can.

9. If you have a problem with a thread or a specific poster, please report them to a moderator. There is a handy link to do so in each published post on this forum.

10. Stay as on-topic as possible. We split and merge threads as needed, but would rather keep this to a minimum. If you are wondering where your thread/post went, please ask a moderator.

11. If you haven't received a response to your question, don't make a new thread asking the same question again. A polite reply to your original thread asking for an answer will suffice.

12. We do not do username changes. There are a very few exceptions to this--if your real name is in your username and you don't want it to be, or if it is and your real name has changed, then we will allow it, but these are exceptions and take on a case by case basis. If your request falls under one of these exceptions, PM one of the mods to discuss it further.

13. HAVE FUN! Above all else, we want our members to enjoy themselves! These guidelines are just that: guidelines. They are here to help you have the best possible experience on the forums. If you have feedback or questions about a guideline, please take it up with a moderator via personal message.

Katie Hallahan
~Designer, PR Director~

"Change is the constant, the signal for rebirth, the egg of the phoenix." Christina Baldwin

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