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Is there such a thing as "bad" press?

Started by wilco64256, March 09, 2011, 11:58:55 AM

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I think with Charlie Sheen we have experienced a rare case of "Even too scandalous for the press". I mean, if I was a head of a tv channel I wouldn't wanna get involved with him personally.

I wanna interview Tiger Woods, because that's somehow interesting - and you don't get involved with his story, since he would only say stuff either like: "I didn't do it!" or: "I'm sorry, honey, plz don't get the divorce!". However, Charlie would give you answers like: "I am tha king", or "Chucke Lorre iz a stupid little wuzz". Those answers somehow involve you personally - it's like the channel itself is sharing the opinions of Charlie because it's way harder to keep yourself out of this.
(Imagine interviewing Charlie Sheen. You don't get one normal answer at all, but you really wanna have at least a bearable result in the end. Hard work. So eventually nobody wants to get involved with Charlie in the end.)