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Allods Online

Started by liggy002, February 10, 2011, 04:36:39 PM

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I am downloading this beast as we speak.  It looks great and some say that it is the next best MMO next to World of Warcraft.  Apparently, you can captain flying ships and plunder other player's treasure in PVP.  It looks like a really fun game.  The best part of it all... is that it is FREE!!!  And that, ladies and gentlemen, as we have seen from the TSL model, is something that just cannot be beaten.

Check it out and maybe i'll see you on there.  I'll need permission to post the link but you can always look it up and easily find it.

(Posted on: February 07, 2011, 11:14:34 PM)

Great game.... its similar to World of Warcraft in a lot of ways.  Leveling up seems to be more difficult and the game world is smaller.  This is the best free MMORPG I have ever seen to date.


No just no. I used to play it, it was great but they killed the game with an update. I basically is that whenever you die there is a chance some of your items get cursed and if they do the only way to uncurse them is buy buying things from the cash-shop. PVP is unbalanced. Its another one of those games that had potential but they ruined it with a cash shop.
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