Tick’s Tales: Up All Knight: Meet Tick!

by on Jun.03, 2016, under developer diary, featured, Ticks Tales

With his adventure game debut coming in less than a week, it’s time to meet the star of Tick’s Tales from none other than his creator, Bryce Covert!


“Tick’s characterization as a troublemaker really started from the realization that most adventure game protagonists are troublemakers in disguise. You break buy brand viagra into houses, take stuff, and often lie. What if all the townspeople recognized the protagonist as such?

In writing, people say, ‘Show, don’t tell.’ I figured the best way to show Tick being outed as a whippersnapper was to have Gandarf be fed up with all the hardship Tick has caused him, whether it’s burning down his house, freeing his pet dragon, or stealing his magic cowboy hat.”

“Often in adventures, good guys do good guy things just because they’re good guys. I didn’t want it to be so for Tick. I wanted it to perhaps seem to others that he was turning over a new leaf, when, in fact, he is trying to do a noble thing like becoming a knight  for a purely selfish interest (impressing Georgia McGorgeous). Additionally, I wanted to make sure that the means by which Tick becomes a knight where decidedly un-knightly.”

Will Tick end up doing the right things dreampharmaceuticals buy levitra online for the right reasons and becoming a true hero? Find out on June 9th when Tick’s Tales: Up All Knight releases!

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