Author Topic: KNOWN ISSUE - non-Steam Mac saves wiped on OS update  (Read 2512 times)

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KNOWN ISSUE - non-Steam Mac saves wiped on OS update
« on: October 12, 2015, 04:45:13 PM »
We've been getting reports from Mac users about losing saves, so I'm stickying a solution post from one of our programmers, Oldbushie.

This only applies to the non-Steam version.  Steam cloud helpfully backs up saves, so Steam version wouldn't run into this issue.

"This is a problem with Unity and Apple, not with our code. Unfortunately Unity places save files in a location that gets wiped on major Mac updates. This affects all Unity-made games, not just our own.

These are the two potential locations Unity saves to on the Mac:
/Users/<Username>/Library/Caches/<Company Name>/<Application Name>/
/Users/<Username>/Library/Application Support/<Company Name>/<Application Name>/

Supposedly, later versions of Unity save to the second location, but I haven't seen evidence of that yet. So if you don't want to lose save data from Unity games, back up the Unity-related folders in your Caches folder regularly.

In the meantime, email us at support (at) postudios (dot) com and we will be happy to provide you with a save that gets you close to where you were."

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