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Gabriel Knight Remake

Started by Shalkar, October 21, 2014, 02:34:32 AM

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Hello. I am wanting to say I loved this remake. I played the original I believe when I was 13 to 14. It was good but the remake is so much better. I always cried when malia met gabriel at the crime scene. An she really cared for him.

In the remake Malia is even prettier. Gosh I really loved her character. It's sad how tetleo had to choose her. But makes sense cause of the Gedde name an how gorgeous she is.  I would love to have someone like her one day perhaps :).

I loved the new art an everything. Had some new puzzles to the game which weren't to difficult lol. The scene that was weird was where you had to go to mosely's office to get the tracker an the police an little girls were possessed.

Yes in the end this game touched me. :).



Thank you so much Shalkar! Everyone worked really hard in the 20th Anniversary Edition, and it's awesome to see people enjoying it! :D



Is it true that between the 16th of October when I downloaded The 20th Anniversary Edition of Gabriel Knight I and the 19th of October a new updated version of this 20th Anniversary Edition has come out.  I received an email fron Phoenix Online about the new updated version on the 19th, just 3 days after downloading it?

I want to be sure it is truly the word from Phoenix Online and not a pfishing email.  Spending another 2.5 hours downloading it is rough for me.  What are the change sif ther is truly an updated version?

Thank you,