Summer Sale Extended!

Jul.05, 2016, under featured

We’ve extended our Summer Sale for another 48 hours! Last chance to get up to 80% off on these great adventure games – head over to to get yours!

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Tick’s Tales: Up All Knight Is Available Now!

Jun.09, 2016, under featured, Ticks Tales

A decree has been sent forth to all the lands to announce the release of the hilarious 8-bit adventure, Tick’s Tales: Up All Knight! Be on the look-out and ever vigilant against the mischievous Tick, whose ulterior motives have sent him on a good old-fashioned quest! Colorful retro-graphics meet a modern comedic narrative in this send-up and homage to the classic point-and-click quest adventures. Now available for PC, Mac and Linux on the Phoenix Online Store (, Steam, the Humble Bundle Store, the App Store and other online retailers for 10% off the regular price of $7.99 for one week.

Neighborhood troublemaker Tick wants nothing more than to be a hero and earn the love of the girl of his dreams, Georgia McGorgeous. The only way is to pass the tests of Strength, Courage, and Wisdom to prove his worth and draw the legendary Sword of Blergh from the stone! But before Tick can win her heart, he will also have to save Georgia and his entire town from the clutches of the evil goblin Bloodclot!


“Tick’s Tales is a true homage to the classic adventure games,” said Katie Hallahan, PR Director for Phoenix Online Publishing. “From the art-style to the puzzles and the in-jokes that will get a laugh from everyone who’s ever enjoyed a classic Sierra or LucasArts adventure: This game is made by a fan for the fans and feels like a game straight out that era in all the best ways. And the fact that Bryce made this entire game by himself makes it even more impressive!”

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Tick’s Tale: Up All Knight: Meet Tick’s Neighbors

Jun.07, 2016, under developer diary, featured, Ticks Tales


Last week, we heard more about Tick of Tick’s Tales–this week, creator Bryce tells us about Tick’s allies, enemies and the girl of his dreams!


Though Gandarf shares his name with another well known mighty wizard, I wanted him to be the primary victim of Tick’s mischief. Growing up, I think we many of us had the old neighbor down the road who was fed up with the young whipper-snapper’s shenanigans. That’s Gandarf, powerful though he may be, he can’t seem to rid himself of this pesky Tick.


Tick is completely reckless. His motives for trying to become a knight are completely selfish, and so my intent with introducing Bloodclot was to have that recklessness finally catch up with him. I decided to create, Bloodclot as a villain who threatens to destroy the town, kidnap Georgia McGorgeous, and make Tick his snack. Tick may try to weasel his way into becoming a knight, but in order for him to defeat his true foe, he’s going to need to dig deep.

Georgia McGorgeous

I thought it’d be great to have Tick’s love interest only means of communicating with him be through his daydreaming. This would keep the player wondering: Does Georgia actually like Tick? Or is that just his imagination running wild? Does Georgia even exist?

Frankie Rockfist

Tick doesn’t just have one villain to deal with. Frankie Rockfist is Georgia’s current boyfriend, and also the leader of the “Super cool secret club,” a group of malicious gangsters out to subvert him on his quest to defeat Bloodclot.

Pay Period 2 (May 2015)

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Tick’s Tales: Up All Knight: Meet Tick!

Jun.03, 2016, under developer diary, featured, Ticks Tales

With his adventure game debut coming in less than a week, it’s time to meet the star of Tick’s Tales from none other than his creator, Bryce Covert!


“Tick’s characterization as a troublemaker really started from the realization that most adventure game protagonists are troublemakers in disguise. You break into houses, take stuff, and often lie. What if all the townspeople recognized the protagonist as such?

In writing, people say, ‘Show, don’t tell.’ I figured the best way to show Tick being outed as a whippersnapper was to have Gandarf be fed up with all the hardship Tick has caused him, whether it’s burning down his house, freeing his pet dragon, or stealing his magic cowboy hat.”

“Often in adventures, good guys do good guy things just because they’re good guys. I didn’t want it to be so for Tick. I wanted it to perhaps seem to others that he was turning over a new leaf, when, in fact, he is trying to do a noble thing like becoming a knight  for a purely selfish interest (impressing Georgia McGorgeous). Additionally, I wanted to make sure that the means by which Tick becomes a knight where decidedly un-knightly.”

Will Tick end up doing the right things for the right reasons and becoming a true hero? Find out on June 9th when Tick’s Tales: Up All Knight releases!

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8-Bit Sword and Sorcery Adventure Tick’s Tales: Up All Knight Coming June 9th!

May.31, 2016, under Ticks Tales

Hear ye, hear ye! Phoenix Online Publishing and Digital Bounce House are excited to announce the developer’s premiere release of their hilarious 8-bit fantasy adventure, Tick’s Tales: Up All Knight, coming on June 9th! Colorful retro-graphics meet a modern comedic narrative in this send-up and homage to the classic point-and-click quest adventures. Coming to the Phoenix Online Store (, Steam, the Humble Bundle Store, and other online retailers, Tick’s Tales: Up All Knight will be available for PC, Mac, and Linux $7.99.

Neighborhood troublemaker Tick wants nothing more than to be a hero and earn the love of the girl of his dreams, Georgia McGorgeous. The only way is to pass the tests of Strength, Courage, and Wisdom to prove his worth and draw the legendary Sword of Blergh from the stone! But before Tick can win her heart, he will also have to save Georgia and his entire town from the clutches of the evil goblin Bloodclot!

“I was so entranced by the adventure games of the late 80′s that I learned how to read in order to play them,” said Bryce Covert, creator and one-man team behind the game. “All of the elements that I grew up loving in this genre made their way into Tick’s tales in some form or another. I wanted it to have it all—the unique puzzles, clever humor, and the lighthearted spirit of adventures past, while certainly being something new and entertaining.”

Key Features:

  • Thumb your nose at destiny, become the hero you were meant to be, and win the heart of the girl of your dreams!
  • Save the town and battle the evil goblin Bloodclot with your magic sword!
  • Charming retro 8-bit graphics and a classic quest.
  • Clever and challenging puzzles.
  • Includes a soundtrack of upbeat music to buoy the adventurer’s spirit!
  • Fourth-wall breaking fun and humor—great for fans of the golden age of adventure games!

The adventure begins on June 9th!

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Moebius Linux is Now Available and 50% Off This Week!

May.16, 2016, under featured, moebius


We are excited today to announce that Moebius Linux is available! And to celebrate the launch of our very first Linux port, Moebius: Empire Rising is on sale this week for 50% off!

In addition to the Linux port, we’ve got some major updates for the PC and Mac builds as well, so if you already own the game, it’s a great time to download the updated build and journey with Malachi and David as to try to uncover the pattern and the mystery of the Moebius theory once again!

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Epic Open-World Fantasy RPG Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim™ Is Available Now!

Apr.26, 2016, under Cornerstone, featured, new release

Phoenix Online Publishing and Overflow Games are excited to announce today’s release of epic action RPG Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim for PC, Mac, and Linux! Starting as a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2013, this sweeping fantasy tale in which combat, crafting, and physics-based puzzle-solving collide has already been praised as “an excellent action-adventure game” and “a breath of fresh air in the industry.” As young Viking Tyrim, players will take on a range of wondrous quests, battle unforgettable adversaries, and experience the adventure of a lifetime in Nygard, a legendary world of wonder bursting with colorful characters, playable vehicles, and open-world adventures. Featuring a complete crafting system that lets you build your own weapons and gear, playable vehicles ranging from ships to windsurfers, and dozens of quirky characters to interact with as you explore eight exotic islands filled with tricks, traps, and treasures, Cornerstone is now available on the Phoenix Online Store (, Steam,, the Humble Store, and other major online retailers for $19.99.

The Viking men of the village of Borja haven’t been seen in weeks, and Tyrim is determined to set forth and find them: An objective that will send him sneaking deep into the heart of enemy fortresses, combing dank dungeons on a hunt for lost artifacts, and actively taking the fight to the forces of evil as he pursues an increasingly inventive range of quests. Wielding the young warrior’s crafting and combat skills, you’ll set sail on trusty galleon the Mad Goat across the seas to uncover the world of Nygard’s mysteries, collecting fabulous relics, uncovering forbidden secrets and magic, and ultimately challenging a powerful ancient evil as you quest to bring the Vikings home.


“Developing this game has been such an amazing journey. Lots and lots of hard work, long days, late nights, many laughs and even a bit of frustration. We have probably developed as much as Tyrim has since the very start of this project!” says Jonathan Prytz, Lead Game Designer and Artist. “We have to thank our Kickstarter backers for believing in this game two and a half years ago and we hope to make them proud with all that we accomplished today! Finally the release is here and we’re super excited!”

Key Features 

  • Epic, open-world blend of action RPG, physics-based puzzle-solving, and combat
  • Complete crafting system – build your own weapons, armor, and gear
  • Explore 8 exotic islands filled with unique enemies, treasures, and adventures
  • Playable vehicles include ships, windsurfers, and more
  • Dozens of quirky characters to interact and engage with
  • Sweeping score includes live musicians and sound effects
  • Fluid and realistic physics bring the action to life

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Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim – Vehicles

Apr.06, 2016, under Cornerstone, developer diary, featured

Cornerstone contains a number of different playable vehicles that Tyrim uses to get around. Some of them he even crafts himself!


Hang glider

Sick of falling? Craft a hang glider to make otherwise treacherous jumps and insure a soft landing!  Just stock up on wool and you’ll be good to go. This will be the first new mode of travel you’ll encounter in the game.  Make good use of it!



An old carpenter made plans for seaworthy vessels and this is his most compact one yet!  You’ll need this to start your journey out to the other islands, so that you can eventually upgrade to…


The Mad Goat

Like father like son. The son of the designer of your raft has made plans for a truly seaworthy voyager.  Equipped with a garden where you can grow food and medicine, you will not worry about starvation or sickness as you sail the seas of Nygard.  This vessel will stay with you throughout the rest of your adventure, no rebuilding necessary!  But first, you have to retrieve those plans from your old “friends”, the Rocklovers.



The desert can be wide and empty.  Perfect place to shred some grains as you ride Mokaga’s trademark (patent pending) windsurfers through the dunes and canyons.  Use the dust devils for extra boost but be careful of the explosive flora that can ruin your flow! Comes in 2 flavors: personal and cargo.  Personal windsurfer blueprints can be found at the local shops; there’s one conveniently located on the Mokaga pier. Enjoy!


Mine cart

What’s a mine without carts to re-enact Temple of Doom in?  The mine cart system of Dune is in need of some repair but you can still get some short thrills zooming down a stretch or two, and even use them for some creative problem solving! But don’t forget to mind the gap.

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The Last Door: Collector’s Edition Season 2 Available Now!

Mar.29, 2016, under featured, new release, news, the last door

In an echo from beyond the Veil, Phoenix Online Publishing and The Game Kitchen sent forth an unworldly and non-Euclidean announcement that the hit indie point-and-click horror adventure The Last Door: Season 2 – Collector’s Edition released today for PC, Mac, and Linux. The sequel to Season 1’s “love letter to Lovecraft”, the new 4 episode collection of the low-res graphics, high suspense horror delves further into the madness of the Veil and  introduces new characters, a larger world, more puzzles, new mysteries, upgraded art and effects, and even more gameplay, plus exclusive bonus content. Season 2 is available now for $9.99 on the Phoenix Online Store (, Steam, the Humble Store,, and other online retailers, as well as a bundle of both seasons at a 10% discount.

As Dr. John Wakefield, psychiatrist to Season 1’s protagonist Jeremiah Devitt, players will set out in search of his missing client and soon be drawn into the haunting web of forbidden knowledge, madness, and a deeper conspiracy hiding it all. As the search moves beyond England, can Jeremiah be found? Or will Wakefield merely find that he, too, is about to become lost in the search for the Last Door?

“We’re truly humbled by the support of the fans who have helped us in crafting this story, and we believe we’ve managed to create an epic conclusion to the series for them,” says Mauricio Garcia, CEO of The Game Kitchen. “We believe it’s time to finally meet what’s waiting for you beyond the Veil.”

The Game Kitchen has been developing and releasing The Last Door with their own unique crowdfunding subscription-based model on their website, where players have had early access to beta builds. The community feedback has been a part of shaping the game from the very beginning of the first Season.

The first season of The Last Door: Collector’s Edition, released in 2014, included all four episodes as well as exclusive bonus content and became a best-selling retro-themed horror adventure, earning high marks from fans and critics alike. A “love letter to Lovecraft”, players stepped into the shoes of Jeremiah Devitt to explore ancient mansions, decaying tenements, and the twisting, fog-filled alleys of London in search of memories Devitt had forgotten, but which had driven an old friend to suicide. Season 1 is available for PC, Mac, and Linux, as well as on mobile platforms for iOS and Android.

Key Features:

  • Sequel to the  award-winning point-and-click Victorian era horror adventure, The Last Door
  • Four episodes and exclusive extras and bonus content in one limited-edition set
  • Guide Dr. Wakefield through new locations, characters, scenes, and puzzles in a new compelling mystery
  • Search for and uncover forbidden knowledge that may drive you mad in a game inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe
  • Includes a brand new haunting, original musical score by Carlos Viola

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Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim Developer Diary: Monsters

Mar.25, 2016, under Cornerstone, developer diary, featured

Learn more about the design and changes in development for some of the unique monsters and enemies Tyrim will encounter in Nygard,


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