Episode 4 coming in October! Screenshots available now!

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I’m very happy to announce that the 4th Episode of The Silver Lining, entitled “Tis in My Memory Locked, and You Yourself Shall Keep the Key of It” will be released this October!

This penultimate episode will be the last that plays in the Land of the Green Isles, and with it we close a great chapter of our lives and say goodbye to the material and content we delved into with so much care for the last decade of our lives. But as we close this chapter, we also start to move into exciting unexplored territory.

But before we do, players will revisit the Isle of the Sacred Mountain, now offering completely original areas to explore, and a chance to explore the maze of the Isle of the Beast and beyond!

With Episode 4, we once again did our best to push the envelope in many ways. In Episode 3, we included an action sequence that left many wanting for more, and I’m delighted to say we continue the pattern with a special sequence in this new episode, one that you may be surprised to learn has its origins deeply rooted in the Final Fantasy games, yet is completely tailored for the adventure genre. We are hoping that it will raise many eyebrows, as we continue to try different things to evolve the adventure genre further and further.

That said, however, Episode 4 is filled with traditional adventure goodness. For a good chunk of the episode, we find ourselves exploring many new areas and revisiting old friends, solving puzzles galore. In a way, it reminds me of the simpler days of King’s Quest V, with different magical situations of helping the townsfolk with their everyday problems as well as working towards the greater quest at hand.

For those who have enjoyed the more story-heavy style of The Silver Lining, and for those who enjoyed the more complicated puzzles of Episode 3, fear not, that’s all still there as well! As we unveil layer after layer of story towards the end of the episode, we present you with what I’d consider one of the most critical moments of the whole game in the way of one of the best puzzles to ever grace The Silver Lining series.

Finally, we’ll also give you a taste of one of the TWO (yes, two!) new playable characters that will accompany you during the last Episode 5 of The Silver Lining, “A Thousand Times Goodnight.”

In addition to Episode 4 coming in October, we’ve got some other big company announcements coming up as well, things we’re all very excited about and we think you will be as well! With that, I leave you with some eye candy to enjoy, and head back to work hard to deliver another exciting episode in the saga!

Cesar Bittar
Phoenix Online

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  • williamhalbersma

    I’m really proud to be part of this project… much less having one of my screenshots as one of the promotional shots for episode 4. Keep up the good work everyone!


  • marck29

    im so happy their conenuing the game ive loved kings quets ever since i was 9 or 11 and i just love the silver lining

  • mimbutzki

    I guess a cheerful “Hurray” fits my mood the best. So:
    HURRAY! I´ve just started being anxious for it.

  • Elasa11

    Looks awesome! I knew Graham was going to be able to fly through the Winged Ones’ city! So psyched! 😀

  • Kate09251


  • newsblade

    I love exploring the lands in 3D, specially the old ones. I hope if we visit the Castle of Daventry it would resemble KQ5’s look instead of KQ8. =)