Previews are here!

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See what the press has to say about Cognition so far in these previews!

“This is like a mixture of Gabriel Knight, the Saw films, Stephen King’s The Dead Zone and CSI. Adventure gamers should without question preorder now – it’s probably going to be every bit as good as it sounds.”
Alternative Magazine Online –Full Preview

“I’m excited to spend some more time with Cognition – its rough spots were pretty easy for me to overlook in light of the excellent puzzle-solving gameplay. The story has a dark vibe very reminiscent of Jane Jensen’s Gabriel Knight and Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain, and Erica seems like a complex and interesting character that I’m eager to learn more about. ”
RPGFan — Full Preview

Also here’s a few one in other languages:

For our Italian fans from IGN Italy — Full Preview.

And for our Romanian fans, from Games Arena — Full preview

More to come!

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