Quest for Infamy – Don’t be famous, be infamous.

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Quest For Infamy is a love letter to the RPG/Adventure Game of old, similar to Sierra’s Quest For Glory series. Keeping in line with tradition, the game runs at 320×240, but forthose of you who like to play on big screens with higher resolutions, added several graphical options which should be more up your alley have also been added.

During combat sequences, characters will have a greater degree of detail than they would otherwise. This was a common practice for most old-school turn-based RPGs found in games like Quest for Glory and Final Fantasy. The use of larger sprites and the one-on-one face off combat mechanic was also inspired by the likes of Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. The system had to be easy to pick up and play.


Combat is turn-based in nature, if you play as the Thief or Brigand you will be limited to physical attacks and healing items. Sorcerers may cast battle spells to further aid them. Each class always brings something different to combat, like the brigand with his charge attacks or the rogue’s long range strikes.


Every time Roehm attacks an enemy, either through physical or magical means he becomes a little better at it. Practice is key and our anti-hero will have many foes to practice on.

At the end of the battle enemies will usually carry Blys with them, this serves as the game’s currency which can be spent on new and better equipment. Of course, if you’re playing as the thief there might be other, cheaper ways of getting it.


Gonçalo Gonçalves
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