Honor your Dreams: Open letter to Jane Jensen

by on Apr.14, 2014, under featured

When I was 15 years old, I used to daydream about creating my own computer games. I’d tell my friends how one day I’d work at Sierra with Jane Jensen and Roberta Williams. Alas, Sierra is no longer as we knew it, I never got the chance to do that and Roberta is happily retired. One pioneer however kept fighting the good fight to this day.

Jane, I consider myself your number 1 fan and I consider you probably the greatest mentor I’ve ever had and a great friend! You’ve given me so much happiness and provided so much inspiration over the long years since Gabriel Knight splashed in our lives. Gabriel Knight made me realize I wanted to be a game designer. Each one of the GK games left a deep mark in me that slowly morphed into this need to do it myself, to follow your steps, to give something of myself to this world, inspired by such great masterpieces.

King’s Quest VI was the main inspiration to the project that started it all for Phoenix Online, The Silver Lining. The school that taught me be who I am today, and somehow you had a lot to do with it, because you gave us The Green Isles, a world you created and that I was happy to expand as the main land explored by King Graham in our own little epic tale.

Working with you on Moebius was the culmination of this long process that started when I fell in love with your work in 1993. Having the honor to work alongside you, seeing firsthand how meticulous you are when writing and designing has been so helpful when putting together my own design documents. Not just that, you are now also a mentor as I dive into writing prose.

Today, Moebius is launching. The culmination of a long journey in which we worked very hard, but also the beginning of a long adventure in which I hope we can continue to bring thrills, inspiration, and happiness with these stories to a lot of people. Working with you has been amazing and an experience I wouldn’t change for anything in the world. We even had our share of disagreements, but we realized we are a very powerful team when working together. Of course, most of the times we disagreed, I was just making a big fool of myself. I can’t ever hope to match a mind as great  as yours, but I hope you keep your patience with me and continue mentoring me through it all.

Thank you for everything. I believe some souls are meant to gravitate together, and I like to think that what I call a dream come true is actually the fact that the universe meant for us to gravitate together, and that we’ll continue to do so for many years to come. Maybe we are history repeating itself and we could find our story if we looked into the past. Maybe we can ask Malachi for advice.

Congratulations on the Moebius release.

All my love,

Cesar Bittar
Executive Producer
Phoenix Online Studios


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