Moebius Review Roundup

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Moebius: Empire Rising has been out for just slightly over a week now and reviews have been pouring in from various review outlets. So why don’t we take a look at what some of the reviewers out there thought of our game?


Moebius ends in a satisfying manner, but with the promise of much more to come in the future; personally, after enjoying this installment immensely, I’m very much looking forward to seeing what’s next, and sincerely hope that between this title and the impending Gabriel Knight remake that we can well and truly see Jensen purchase viagra from us getting back to doing what she does best on a more regular basis.


Moebius: Empire Rising uses that iconic game play to weave an engaging story featuring characters to care about and look forward to seeing in additional volumes. The charm of the characters and the profound theory about history that I’m trying not to spoil won me over enough to see Malachi through to the end and then a couple more times to unlock the achievements I missed in the first run.

Critical Indie Gamer:

Moebius: Empire Rising is an astonishing example of what can be done on a small budget, with a talented team whom can  do so much with so little. This is cialis without rx not your typical rub things up against each other and see what sticks type of adventure game, everything that enters your inventory has a purpose, and that purpose actually makes sense. This is an adventure that should absolutely not be missed.”

Game Revolution:

“Worrisome backers can rest easy with this investment. The intriguing and bromantic tale manages to introduce some fresh concepts in the well-established point-and-click genre.”

This Is Infamous:

“There’s no game quite like Moebius: Empire Rising. It’s original, bold, exciting and has enough classic adventure gaming dialogue trees and puzzles to satisfy fans of the genre. The backers of its Kickstarter should be more than pleased with what their money has helped make possible, but more importantly, gamers with even a passing fancy for history, science fiction and solid storytelling should be pleased as well.”


This was only the tip of the iceberg though as many other publications, big and small praised Moebius: Empire Rising for its storyline, puzzles and character. It was also around this time we’ve started seeing some really original rating system, like 4.5/5 pink cows and 4/5 alpacas. We hope to see our alpacas shipped soon, they’re the cutest thing ever!

“Jane Jensen still has a certain magic touch.”

“A good game that will also prove accessible to newcomers to the adventure genre”

“Moebius is a well-crafted, fun-to-play game with a complex and compelling storyline”

“Moebius is a very good adventure game, with high levels of quality on all areas”
The Mental Attic


Jane Jensen, if you are reading this, PLEASE make more Moebius games”
Push Start

“An engrossing adventure game that does an excellent job in pulling the player into its world of mystery”
The Hulking Reviewer

A solid story combined with thought-provoking puzzles and situations, this game is fantastic”
Tailgate 365

“Jane Jensen does a nice job of keeping you guessing about what’s going on and who’s good or evil, so the story carries you through the entire game”

“I thoroughly enjoyed my playthrough of Moebius and look forward to any future installments within the franchise”
Irrational Passions


“Moebius is a fascinating concept that will drag you into all sorts of places and situations
Gamer Headquarters

“Adventure fans who have been waiting for this game should feel secure in purchasing it immediately. Moebius offers an immensely engaging story, great characters, and a neat mechanic.”
Pixel Pacas

“Jane Jensen has still got ‘it’ when it comes to writing a decent thriller. Moebius Empire Rising tells a good story, with engaging characters”

“If you’re a Gabriel Knight fan you shouldn’t miss Moebius.”
IGN Italia

“A deep and detailed mystery based in historical fact and science fiction.”


Whew! Now those were a lot of reviews! It’s humbling to see that so many enjoyed Jane Jensen’s Moebius and that adventure games can still connect with gamers everywhere. We hope you enjoyed our game and we’d like to thank you, the community for all the support you’ve given us! Until next time.


Gonçalo Gonçalves
Social Media Associate
Phoenix Online Studios

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