Heroes & Legends: Gameplay Overview

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We’ve stated before Heroes & Legends: Conquerors of Kolhar is a game that combines RPG with Strategy elements, but how exactly does it coalesce both elements? It’s with the intent to answer that very question that we’ll be taking an overview look at its gameplay.

Developed by just three people, Heroes & Legends has you controlling a party of adventurers. At the start your team consists of a warrior, healer and a wizard, though as the game progresses new members are added.

The story is told mostly through text and image stills, similar to many JRPGS, however, to keep the gameplay flowing, players can choose their next destination on a map.Events can be story-based assignments which progress the main campaign, secondary missions to increase experience and loot or random events which may either help or hinder your party. Combat is handled automatically. Each character has an Active Time Based system similar to Final Fantasy IV, meaning the fight is handled in real time, but each member needs to recover after attacking.

To keep battles interesting, players will have to manage party members in real time. This mean selecting which battle skills to use, shift their formation during battle, level them up during the actual fight and managing drops as they come. You have a limited inventory which only holds 5 items, as new weapons and potions are dropped, old ones will have to equipped, used or discarded. Upon completing a mission, you can visit the crafting menu to retire excess gear for materials and then use those towards creating new equipment. Bare in mind certain items and gear require your characters to meet certain requirements in their stats.

In order to increase your character’s stats, you’ll have to of course, level up. Leveling up prompts you to a window where you can select one of three randomly selected stats. Moreover, characters may also learn new combat skills, but the combat skills they’re allowed into battle is limited, so players will have to choose wisely. We hope you enjoyed this overview look into Heroes & Legends‘ gameplay. Bare in mind we only touched the surface, as we didn’t discuss the story, future party members, gameplay strategies or even the types of enemies you’ll run into. Until then we hope to see you on our next entry.

Gonçalo Gonçalves
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