Jane Jensen plays our game!

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The journey through the creation of The Silver Lining has been a great bumpy road. We have had our ups and downs, both internally, and from external factors. There have been times when I’ve questioned myself: “Why are we really doing this?”. Many times, that answer is obvious, for you, the fans, but other times, even we are surprised at the results.

I never expected, for example, that Roberta Williams would play and bless our game. That was a definite honor, and something the team did not expect in a thousand years. I would have not expected Ken Williams to congratulate us. I did not expect to hear that Josh Mandel, Al Lowe and Scott Murphy would be checking our game out. And I definitely did not expect that my favorite designer, the creator of the glorious Gabriel Knight and King’s Quest VI, would have not only played our game, but also be such a cool person to talk to.

Two weeks ago, I had the chance to speak with Jane on the phone for over an hour. We shared experiences on making games, talked about the ups and downs of The Silver Lining and Gray Matter, and of course, also talked about Gabriel Knight. I had the joy to see some very cool material related to the franchise.

I asked Jane to play our game. She later emailed me about it, and she said, I quote:

“It was cool to be reminded of the ‘land of the green isles’ again and some of those old characters. It is an impressive thing to achieve with volunteer workers and little to no budget. Good work.”

You have to understand one thing: Jane Jensen is the main reason why I wanted to become a videogames writer. I remember one of the first things I wrote in highschool was a play based on Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father, which I also directed. To have her play our games and share those thoughts with us… I was in heaven! The person I have most admired in the industry commended us on our game!

Her latest masterpiece, Gray Matter, is coming out on Feb 22nd in North America and on Feb 25th in Europe. I had the chance to play the game, and I was mesmerized by the storyline and I loved the puzzles. Sam and David are very charming characters and you will feel the extraordinary power of Jane’s pen behind their writing. Do not miss out on the best writing in adventure games in recent history.

Cesar Bittar

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