Low-Res Horror. High Suspense.

Something ancient and evil is stirring in Victorian England. Only you can stop it. Journey to the brink of madness and beyond as you set forth alone into the dark.

Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android



Feel what it's truly like to be alone in the dark with this low-res, high-suspense point-and-click horror adventure, a multiple Best Games of the Year award-winner. Featuring new scenes and puzzles, enhanced graphics, unlockable bonuses, and remastered sound, this exclusive special edition brings its horrifying secrets screaming back to life. Exploring ancient manors, decaying tenements, and twisting underground warrens with little but a lamp and magnifying glass to guide you, four terrifying episodes of occult and otherworldly horror invite you to investigate Victorian England's deepest, darkest secrets. Dare you open The Last Door: Collector's EditionTM?

  • Award-winning point-and-click horror adventure set in Victorian England
  • Features exclusive new locations, scenes, puzzles, stories, and more
  • Upgrades include enhanced graphics and remastered sound
  • Four critically-acclaimed scenarios, one limited-edition set
  • Unlock new extras and bonus content
  • Haunting, original musical score by Carlos Viola
  • Inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft


What can you expect from Chapter 1 of The Last Door? Take a look at an overview of the story found within.

Sound design is a huge aspect of video game development. Creating believable characters and settings can only get you so far; to take it all the way you’re going to need a killer sound design to fully bring your world to life. The Last Door: Collector’s Edition has all that, and proves that you don’t necessarily need [...]

A look at how history and real-world locations shape The Last Door’s experience and immersiveness.

The Last Door: Suspense, Horror, Adventure and a Love Letter to Lovecraft.

How careful use of sound and art in The Last Door aims to fuel the player’s imagination.


April 4, 2014 - The Last Door: Low-Res Graphics, High Suspense


“Videte ne quis sciat.”

After receiving a cryptic letter from an old friend, Jeremiah Devitt knows he must investigate the situation immediately. Arriving by train, he is taken aback at the sheer size of his friend’s house and of the land upon which it sits. Unsure what to expect he cautiously approaches the house. (more…)

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"A love letter to H.P. Lovecraft."

- Penny Arcade

"A series not to miss out on."

- 148 Apps.

"I experienced genuine chills."

- Joystiq

"Off to a promisingly frightening start."

- Gamespot

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