History Repeats Itself: Can You Decipher the Pattern?

Piece together clues to uncover history’s deepest secrets and prevent worldwide ruin in an all-new tale from master storyteller Jane Jensen. Puzzle solving and paranormal activity combine in this atmospheric thriller, a must-play for fans of Sherlock Holmes and Gabriel Knight®.

Release Date: April 15th, 2014 (PC, Mac)
Coming Soon: iOS, Android



The first in an all-new series of paranormal mystery adventures from award-winning game designer Jane Jensen, creator of the bestselling Gabriel Knight® series and Gray Matter.TM Step into the shoes of Malachi Rector, a brilliant antiques dealer and historian whose photographic memory and eye for deduction transforms locations and clues into interactive puzzle pieces and historical patterns. Players will criss-cross the globe's most exotic locales as they solve challenging riddles, search for hidden clues, and connect evidence and events to uncover a global conspiracy that threatens to bring worldwide ruin. When a young woman is brutally slain and a secret government agency decides to investigate, only Malachi Rector holds the key to unlocking this puzzle—a man whose destiny may not be his own to define.

  • Use your photographic memory and deductive powers to analyze locations and clues to fit historical patterns
  • Blends 2D and 3D graphics to provide sophisticated storytelling, atmosphere and puzzles
  • Travel to Venice, Cairo, Zurich, and more, unraveling the mysteries of space and time
  • Unlock hero Malachi Rector’s destiny, and uncover his mysterious connection to ex-Special Forces soldier David Walker
  • Unearth a global conspiracy that threatens to bring worldwide disaster


Moebius: Empire Rising and Lost Civilization are out now on Steam!

By pre-ordering Moebius: Empire Rising you you get a copy of the game’s soundtrack containing 32 songs entirely for free.

On April 15th, at 2pm Eastern time, 11 am Pacific we’ll be hosting Moebius’ launch event live on our Youtube channel.

Phoenix Online takes on the role of both the development and publishing for Moebius. In this blog entry we review most of the publishing processes of manufacturing, distribution, localization, and overall marketing efforts.

A recap, summarizing each week’s worth of content with links to the individual entries that were published. We hope you enjoy this comprehensive look into Jane Jensen’s Moebius: Empire Rising.


April 16, 2014 - Moebius: Empire Rising and Lost Civilization Available Now on Steam

Moebius: Empire Rising and Lost Civilization are now available for purchase!

Moebius: Empire Rising is the latest game from legendary game designer and author Jane Jensen. In this paranormal thriller, players will fill the expensive shoes of Malachi Rector, a brilliant historian and antiquities expert, as he is sent on a mission to unravel a global conspiracy that reaches through the fabric of time itself.

Moebius: Empire Rising – STEAM, GOG, GamersGate, Phoenix Online Store

Lost Civilization asks the question, “Who are we, and where do we come from?” After your fiance is kidnapped following a ground-breaking archaeological find, players will travel the globe in search of his captors as they unravel the mystery behind his discovery. Can you save your fiance, and the world, before it is too late?

Lost Civilization – STEAM, Phoenix Online Store

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"The stuff of classic Sierra adventures. Jane Jensen's singular well-written wit and love of history is front and center, making me hopeful that the final game will be just the first chapter in a new franchise."


"Shaping up to become a great game… even among the vibrancy and quality of today's adventure gaming scene, it does stand out."

- IndieGames.com

"If you’re an adventure fan, you can’t help but get excited."

- Examiner.com

Unquestionably a return to form for one of the adventure genre’s pioneers… a labor of passion and love for the genre, as well as an opportunity to show how games can tell intriguing and complex stories. It’s good to see Jane have her crayons back."

- AdventureGamers.com

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About Pinkerton Road

Jane Jensen and Robert Holmes founded Pinkerton Road in 2012 to create narrative games for tablet and desktop computers. A game designer and writer, Jane is best known for her work on the Gabriel Knight® adventure games and hidden object games such as Dying for Daylight. Robert is a composer, producer, musician, and strategic digital marketing executive whose music has appeared in numerous video games. The studio is working on two adventure games: Moebius, which was funded with a successful Kickstarter campaign, and the Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers® 20th anniversary edition. The studio has also released a children’s ebook, Lola and Lucy’s Big Adventure, for iPad. To learn more, visit http://www.pinkertonroad.com.

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