10 Years Crafting Dreams

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Phoenix, crafting dreams.

Ever since we welcomed Phoenix Online Publishing into the Phoenix family, we have had the opportunity to establish “Every Game has a Story” as our mantra, and there is no better way to honor this idea than to go back and understand the beginning of Phoenix in the very discount viagra australia same month we celebrate our 10th anniversary.

Very first photo of the team. Cesar Bittar, Richard Flores and Michael Fortunato.

We spent a few weeks doing some serious introspection, some soul searching and gathering together trying to put all these abstract feelings into words. So our very first memory is to review who we are and what levitra cheap prices we believe in.

Phoenix’s mission has always been crafting dreams with stories and hard work. Building hope and evolving through hardship since 2004. Every single creative team out there will preach how they want to become the next best thing in the industry, how everyone wants to develop the next cult franchise and of course the most innovative video games out there. All that we want is to craft dreams. Craft in the best meaning of the word inspiring into the manual labor of art, and dreams because what we do transcends the idea of just building a game.

Phoenix got started around 2000 as just a social group of people who gathered to share creative ideas and different talents, but all sharing one true love – Sierra. The very first and only project the group entertained was a fan made version of King’s Quest. At the time they wanted to just write something inspired in Daventry and everything that Roberta Williams once created. However, the team struggled to work as a team, and though people were quick to join, many were leaving just as fast. It was only after 2004 that everything changed – finally from Phoenix Freeware Online we officially became Phoenix Online Studios, and from there we had organized teams and we had leads that were responsible for each department, and as of today we still have some of the very same people from back then working as Directors and even owners of the team.

Team kept growng. Neil Rodrigues, Richard Flores, Petter Holmberg, Michael Fortunato, Katie Hallahan and Cesar Bittar.

Having said that, it is important to highlight that the most beautiful quality of Phoenix is that we come from a community, and we will always be a community. We are people who work very hard day after day to learn, to improve, and to better ourselves. Sometimes we have done great, and sometimes we have screwed up big time – either way, we have had each other’s support to do better, to become better. That is our purpose.

Now, to understand who we are it’s valuable to review what we believe in, and I must say there’s quite few things to be said, yet we will be organizing these thoughts into different days. There are a total of 5 but right now we will be sharing the very first one, which in hindsight I have always considered the most important one, even since 2004.

1.- Belonging. Because we are a community, people matter. Phoenix is made by the community for the community, working together with the purpose of crafting dreams and sharing stories.

Some of us have got a career to share with Phoenix, but some of us have Phoenix as a school to learn, and some of us have got both. The one common ground is that most of us have met online and then in person and most of our work is done via internet as well, while we manage to share our talent from all the corners of the world. In these upcoming days we will be sharing not just the project background stories because“Every Game has a Story”, but also the people behind that story as well.

Serious business, as usual. Katie Hallahan, Cesar Bittar, Weldon Hathaway, Dan Long, Vitek Goyel and Aaron Light.

We have gone through quite some unexpected hardships – not many indie studios can say they have efficiently felt the wrath of Vivendi Studios, as well as the legal power of Activision – and have made it through successfully with nothing but people’s support. Phoenix would be nothing without the strength and love of the community that has always been there to support the team, to us they are like family. Our team includes leads and team directors such as Weldon Hathaway (Programming Director) and Aaron Light (Lead Programming) who are among the most important in the team, and they came from the Phoenix forums from so long ago, and today we just simply don’t know what would we do without them.

It is our promise to continue to work very hard, continue to be there and improve with nothing but the hope that we can grow the Phoenix family. We care, we listen and we do.

These are the faces of love.

Thank you for reading this far. We shall continue to draft up stories from the production of the games as well as from some key members through the week. And hopefully, I won’t get fired so I can continue to share more lovely photos like these as well.

Congratulations to the team in making it to 10 amazing years so far, proving how hardship doesn’t kill dreams but instead it makes you work harder for them.

Say Mistage
Social Media Director
Phoenix Online Studios


Belonging. Because we are a community, people matter.
Growth, a compromise with learning and creativity.
Perseverance. Determination and hard work.
Communication. Respect and responsibilities.

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