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It’s that time again to share what our community is saying about us. A quick reminder of this feature is that previously to gathering the info we selected a few members who actively interact with us and we know they know us, to provide quick info for a survey. They have shared all the good and all the bad from their point of view.

Before we move on with the entry though, I think it’s fair to answer that one question that has burning in our brains ever since the previous update from today:

If you want to keep up with Wednesday features and doodles, you may visit our official blog to find all entries chronologically assorted in there. That way you get to know about the team members we feature as well as the lovely community frands we feature there, as well.

We are reviewing the story of Cognition this week, and the struggles we overcame during its creation;  therefore, this week we speak with some of the lovely people that have supported us ever since Cognition. I do believe some of them are sincerely far too nice to us, since surprisingly this week we have not much to share on that. I guess Erica is more charming than I was aware of, after all.

Let us get started with one of my favorite people ever, his name is Michael Shaw, and he is by far one of the most kind and loving supporters in the indie circle and I think he has made my life better just by being around. He does have a day job in Marketing and Business; however, this week he changed his personal photo into a pirate thing and I thought it was nothing but appropriate to create a doodle out of that, of course.

“Happy Anniversary to my incredible friends at Phoenix Online. Keep up the amazing work and here’s to many more decades of success!” Thank you, Michael. It is because of lovely folks like you that we have been able to get by through all these years.

Now we move on to one of our most active Facebook members, Yaniv Cohen. He is like a ray of sunshine on our wall somedays. He doesn’t even know it, but he sure is missed whenever we don’t get to interact much with him – amazingly kind, is never afraid to speak up his mind with the utmost honesty and respect, and he seems to be completely in love with Erica, too.

Yaniv does share with us what he thinks we need to improve and work on. “Beside stories, graphics and animation could be a bit better in future games. While not as important as story and writing, visuals means a lot to the immersion in games.” I think I can speak for the team when I say that we are now a bit more knowledgeable into all the things we need to tackle on, we are revising content at best as we can and hopefully our next productions will keep on improving.

And last, but not least, we have got a community frand, Ronald Dragstra. He’s a developer himsef, so knowing that there are other developers that are this supportive, let alone immerse themselves into our games, means the world to us. He is one of the sweetest community members we have got around, always with a big smile and nothing but the best of intentions to help everyone.

Ronald was far too kind to us and maybe forgot to include anything else, but don’t worry – we know we have got a few things to work on as time allows us to!

Many thanks to Michael ShawYaniv Cohen and Ronald Dragstra for always being there and supporting us and Erica. We do appreciate the kindness, the love and most important of all the strength you guys give us day after day to continue to better ourselves and move on to more projects. That’s about all the doodles we’ve got for Wednesday, but we will be sharing more coming next Wednesday. If you want to participate or share anything with us do feel free to leave comments on our articles, or you could also reach out to us at – we love to read email from you!

Say Mistage
Social Media Director
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