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Welcome to our third week in a row celebrating and sharing stories, comments and all sort of derpy doodles. This week we highlighted Moebius, exploring all the memorable moments as well as the challenges we took upon ourselves in our most ambitious production yet. Considering it is Moebius week, we decided to progressively keep expanding those of the community we would reach. First week was The Silver Lining, so clearly they have been with us for almost 10 years and more; then it was Cognition, having some not so new faces; and this week with Moebius, it is nothing but a pleasure to be able to share some of the loving folks I have met from the Pinkerton Road crowd.

But first, I couldn’t move on talking about Moebius without sharing the most important topic at hand:

Ok, now we can move on with the community voices and everything they had to say to us this week.

First we have someone I appreciate dearly, his name is Steve Allison and he is as talented as he is sweet. Quite the smart cookie working in business management with an amazing musical talent, as well as some artsy skills. Steve is the kind of friend you feel like you have known forever, always kind and willing to help – no matter what.

Steve has pretty much played all the Phoenix games by now, so among the observations he has to share with us is: “Sometimes the games can be a little bit buggy. I can deal with it but the average gamer may not.” Very much true, and while I’ve mentioned this before I will mention it again: we are indeed taking all measures needed to improve things such as animation and modeling issues.  It is very refreshing being able to ask someone you trust, “So what did I do wrong?” and get an honest reply, and even moreso, actual support into how to move forward to achieve better results.

Moving on, we have a lovely lady named Emma Clarkson. This beautiful lady has been one of our most vocal supporters via social media and I must say, she has given us one of the most lovely emails as of to date about Moebius. I still remember, it was such a long day and I think we were all kind of grumpy and tired: but the minute we received her email it was like inbox magic. It sure feels reassuring to know that while some are hoping for you to fail there are others that offer you nothing but love. Thank you , Emma – in case I haven’t said it enough.

Emma is quite a sweetheart, even though we do ask for you to provide what things would you consider we should work on, she had this to say “I can’t think of anything to call its worst qualities!”. She also mentions she is looking forward to Gabriel Knight remake – so lets share that it is moving along rather nicely – we do have a deadline for this year with Activision, even though they do have the final word on publishing, you must know that it is going according to schedule. In fact, GK seems to be the most efficient production for Phoenix to this day.

Last but not least, one of my favorite cookies from Pinkerton Road community as well as an amazing friend – Abel García. Abel is perfectly bilingual and multicultural, knowledgable of quite a few things as the bookworm he is, and he is also quite passionate about indie games and the adventure community. Quite a strong supporter of crowdfunding and a big Jane Jensen fan.

Just like Emma, we asked Abel what is there to be said about our flaws or things yet to overcome, and he shared “I don’t have anything bad to say and I already think you’re going on the right track for making things better anyway.” Thank you, Abel. This means quite a lot to us, because as an active backer both via Social Media and Community Supported Community – he has been following projects and their outcomes very closely.

A thousand thanks to the cool and awesome Steve, Emma and Abel. Personally, I must say these three have been nothing but sunshine through horrible days, sometimes I don’t think they even know it. Nothing but love for all of you, thank you for helping us and participating with community voice in our anniversary month!

If you would like to participate, or if you would like to share anything with us – there is only one week left and I may have room for one or two more so feel free to reach out to us via social media about it or contact us directly at Doodles or not, we love hearing from you.

Say Mistage
Social Media Director
Phoenix Online Studios


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