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The Last Door: Collector’s Edition has been on Steam for two days now and the community content on steam has grown quite a bit!

In a very short time community reviews have poured in force. User Eraya for example writes:

This is a great game with a well made Lovecraftian atmosphere.

Steam user shifty also shared his thoughts:

What this game does do very good, is putting you on the edge of your seat. Every step you take the music and sound effects will set the mood on it all. From dark rooms where you walk around with just a lantern to large hallways. In short the atmosphere in this game is very well done.

It’s great to hear people enjoy the atmosphere, writing, music and sense of exploration inThe Last Door, but reviews aren’t all the community has shared with us. The Steam user screenshot section exploded with submissions with new ones being added every day!

The screenshot highlight goes to Joe Molotov for discovering an Easter Egg in The Last Door.

Have you found more easter eggs? Feel free to share them with us!

There’s even a review/first Impressions video on the Steam community page by user DangerGerbil.

Have you found any Easter Eggs? Got any videos, screenshots or artwork you’d like share?We would love it if you would share it with us too!

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