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When we got started the first thing we had to do buy cheap generic cialis was defining Phoenix work and passion, the purpose of all of efforts into our team mission. Then, as we opened up to this idea we had to evaluate how we would accomplish this by defining the core elements in which we believe in.

Most people tend to gravitate towards the obvious, conceptualizing meaning into actions while they ignore facts and results, along with intent and purpose. The Reason why doing the core content for these entries has been so difficult, unlike the stories behind the games or the team member stories,working on the team values took a team to assemble and scramble ideas, dissecting and studying everything in hopes to put feeling into words.

Once read it all seems pretty straight forward, simple and obvious – but impossible to deny that interviewing  everyone and then revising the team’s 10 year story took long enough. To bring all these concepts together and finally put together the magic that is Phoenix, plenty of drafts and brainstorming sessions hoping that whatever buy levitra on sale online would come through, eventually would do justice and brings representative words to what Phoenix world is all about.

The very first video the team ever did;The Silver Lining, 2005. Bring all ‘em feels.

Speaking somewhat in raw terms here, branding itself is that unique identity that defines; it is more than a name, more complicated than just a description, more meaningful than a purpose – it is simply everything you do, everything you say, it is who we are. In this particular scenario, it is not just one person, it is almost 30 people spread all over the world that share their time and talent to bring together their efforts into crafting cialis discount their dreams and turning them into reality. So placing all these hearts and minds efforts together meant a lot, and it was quite the work to get it done.

Words from King Graham and Hassan themselves, because Russ Crespolini and Jason Victor
will always be part of the Phoenix family. The Silver Lining, 2010.

Doing closure to what has been shared so far, our purpose is defined by the intent of crafting dreams with stories and hard work. Building hope and evolving through hardship since 2004.

We have defined our core values as:

1.- Belonging. We are a community; People womens viagra cheap no prescription matter.

2.- Growth. Compromise with learning and creativity.

3.- Perseverance. Determination and hard work.

4.- Communication. Respect and responsibilities

And now we present one that glues everything together in place, the one that means probably the most to us as a team, as the family we have become – and that is tradition.

5.- Tradition. Understanding and celebrating one another.

This is probably the most meaningful and the most difficult we came into understanding, yet once it finally came through we were all thinking how obvious it soft viagra tabs was all along.

Cognition Kickstarter update, back in 2011.

When we got started, we revised as every normal business would be thoroughly audited: we would place everything on the virtual table and as we would revise data from early days, we would take it step by step identifying things such as growth, perseverance and communication. But we knew it wasn’t enough, there was something missing and as we kept digging through for days we started asking not just what, or how but also revising again why. We examined it thoroughly with the development of Phoenix purpose, and we didn’t think at first we would have to revisit that particular question, but it served us right to do – without the community understanding we would have never experienced belonging, we would have never persevered, we would have pushed through into growth – we are nothing but a family exploring their values, it is tradition that keeps them all together into this perfect synch that seems to be the engine that keeps us all going in Phoenix. We know who we are, and we celebrate it.

Greenlight struggle back in 2012, we didn’t have the opportunity we give developers nowadays.

Ever since we got started, early 2000’s we have always worked pushing community oriented content, we have always been active in our community platforms, we have always been a community working for a community – we started with a dream which we continue to live on, and even though we have accomplished few milestones, we still continue to work just as hard every day. For example: it is customary now that on every single launch nobody sleeps, we started doing this unintentionally but we not only take care of everything beforehand we hang out and spend time together as if we are a big family in the waiting room waiting for the baby to come along. Every single launch. Another example, we celebrate our small victories, it is part of our family tradition to not just spend the day before launch together but also the launch day with each other and all the community that would like to tune in to our zombie faces that day.

Most of Haven pets portrait, back in early The Silver Lining days.

We have got pets for every game, so far there are Haven pets for The Silver Lining, there’s the pink poodle for Cognition and there’s Muubius for Moebius. As I have heard, there is one coming for Gabriel Knight as well – and these little guys make many appearances pretty much everywhere as possible. It is that one thing development does to cope with stress, overtime and the overwhelming workload that comes along with game development.

The popular duo that has stolen the attention nowadays.

Every single time there’s a meeting where it would be social or work related, there is always fun and laughter – Most photos we have shared have been around these moments, actually. Food, drinks and good times involved. It is impossible to be together without enjoying these moments as they happen. And just as these simple ones, there are plenty more that while we are not conscious at the time of what we do, we continue to do them because as the family we have grown to be we are drawn to going through hardship together and celebrate each other.

And I can’t do proper closure to this one particular entry without sharing memorable moments in our traditional celebrations:From left to right, Cognition Episode 2, Episode 3 and Episode 4 respective event screen caps.

From left to right, Cognition Episode 2, Episode 3 and Episode 4

And of course a very special highlight:

Moebius launch live stream, the moment in which I asked both Owen Thomas (Malachi) and Colin Benoit (David) if they would ship it. Feel free to draw your conclusions from their priceless expressions (Just kidding, they both said no! but they are anyways in our hearts).

Moments like these are exactly what makes it all worthwhile.

Once again, thousand thanks to Robert Allen, H. Hawke and Francis Leroux for all their wisdom, patience and dedication in helping me, thus helping Phoenix in the process with the concept and development of these entries. Without their love and help, none of this would have been possible. Personally, I would like to also thank Cesar Bittar for being the anchor of inspiration for all of us in Phoenix for so many years, without him Phoenix wouldn’t exist. Also, much love and thanks to all Phoenix Directors Katie Hallahan, Richard Flores, Weldon Hathaway, Vitek Goyel, Scott Steinberg and also Mario Kroll for contributing and making Phoenix what it is today.

And thank you for believing in Phoenix when nobody else did.
Say Mistage
Social Media Director
Phoenix Online Studios

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