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This is our very last week for our 10th anniversary celebration, and this is a closure for all blogs from the special. This has been a very important month to us, considering 10 years have gone by of struggles and joys and yet, here we are. We keep working hard towards everything we believe in and continuing to do everything we can to improve ourselves as we keep making our way towards our purpose.

It is quite a milestone – today marks one of the largest celebrations we ever had done, as well as the closure of one of our most important series of articles. From all values and purpose, to all the stories behind development as well as all the voices and names from the team and the community.

It makes us somewhat sad to have to end the party, but at least I can say I look forward to sleeping again. These articles, especially the ones with illustrations, take longer than most entries. But the little fact not many people know is that I have a full time job with Phoenix, and supervising team and operational madness doesn’t give much room for peace and quiet for content development as one might think. So, it’s been a month of 10 hours and more work days – but I have done them with the utmost love and derpy doodles I can put together. That is my present to Phoenix in this important month.

Today we have 3 lovely faces to share: Teresa Affleck, Douglas Baxter and Ben Rosner. So let’s get started with ladies first! Teresa is one of the sweetest, most hands-on ladies from the Pinkerton Road community.

She was beyond adorable when I approached her for this, and among the kind and sweet words she shared with us, this is what she has got to say about our bad qualities: “The worst is that I don’t work for them!” Quite an honor! We definitely hope to keep on growing to be able to keep expanding the Phoenix family. 

Next we have got Ben Rosner, a remarkable talented young man who has got quite the heart and passion into music as he does for indie games. He has been so kind as to collaborate with the team as an intern last year.

Among the things to look out for, he shares: “I wish the graphics were a bit less buggy, particularly in games like Moebius and Cognition.” Don’t worry, we are currently working on improving ourselves with technical features.

Last but not least, we have got the gentleman that it is Douglas Baxter, I almost feel bad for bothering him for any of this considering he’s recovering from the cooties of awesome, and even though he’s quite sick he was so kind to participate.

”But of course! I hope the answers are coherent. When the cellulitis kicks in the only thing to do is ride it out with antibiotics until the fever breaks. Loads of laughs!” Not quite sure what that means, but we are forever thankful of all the kindness and love you show our way!

Once again, I would like to thank all the lovely souls that participated in our anniversary articles with content, sharing, commenting and always being present to guide us through. It has been 10 years and we only hope we have plenty more to share with all of you in the years to come.

Say Mistage
Social Media Director
Phoenix Online Studios

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