The Last Door Contest Winners

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Two weeks ago we created a contest for The Last Door, participants would have to send a 140-character horror story to win a Pelgrane Press .PDF or a copy of the indie horror adventure game, The Last Door.

The buy cialis in us community has answered in droves, we received a ton of submissions and now, we finally have the winners.

These are the five contest entries who won a Pelgrane Press PDF:

Paul Kirsch: She didn’t give me her name. I gave her mine. When she left the bar, she took it with her.
Victor Ribeiro: Napping in a crowded metro, a whisper in my ear: don’t wake up.
Steven Marsh“The ‘virus’ is an idea,” she said, “spread via sentence. It commands me to obey.” Chuckling, the doctor replied, “The ‘virus’ is an idea…”
Philip GonzalesAs her hand slipped from my grasp, I marveled at its rate of descent compared to the other parts of her body.

Linda EvansA step, levitra cost of sales drip, cold, door, dark. A step, twist, claw, fur, flare. It’s ok, you can’t see anything wrong. Or anything at all. A step.


And now, the five lucky contestants who won a free copy of The Last Door:

Brian WebbI woke before dawn & warmed my viagra on sale shivering wife before returning to slumber. I woke again with a scream when I realized she died a year ago.

Kyle WilliamsHe told me to get a bottle of wine from the cellar. I suppose that’s what he told the rest of these women to do, too.

Noah BaxterFrightening how to get viagra from canada was hungry eyes, watching me from the gloom. Terrifying was knowing I’d seen them before, every time I’d gazed into a mirror. 

Gerry BibaudA bump, a creak, a faint rustle; all from me. I wait till you feel safe with these sounds. Then, as you sleep, I emerge from the shadows.

Christian MintertSlowly the words formed. We are legion it said. He stared at the readout from the quantum correlation encryption experiment.

A big thank you to all participants and congratulations to the winners. We loved reading all your horror stories!

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