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I need to check with John about this message vs. I need to grab Sully

Started by Drequis, February 07, 2014, 12:07:54 PM

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I am currently stuck in the FBI Station after talking with John about Antony Longmore. Whenever I attempt to talk to Sully it refers to the message being sent via text and I need to "re-talk" to John. Whenever I try to leave the building it refers me to needing to bring Sully along. Finally when I attempt to re-talk to John it only offers the case and goodbye options. I have attempted to re-check every case file, evidence, etc as a sort of redo but nothing has fixed this problem. Does anyone have any clues of something else to try or do? Thanks. - Drequis


If you'd like to send me a current save, via Weldon (at) postudios (dot) com I can take a look and see what's going on there for you.
Weldon Hathaway