Tick’s Tale: Up All Knight: Meet Tick’s Neighbors

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Last week, we heard more about Tick of Tick’s Tales–this week, creator Bryce tells us about Tick’s allies, enemies and the girl of his dreams!


Though Gandarf shares his name with another well known mighty wizard, I wanted him to be the primary victim of Tick’s mischief. Growing up, I think we many of us had the old neighbor down the road who was fed up with the young whipper-snapper’s shenanigans. That’s Gandarf, powerful though he may be, he can’t seem to rid himself of this pesky Tick.


Tick is completely reckless. His motives for trying to become a knight are completely selfish, and so my intent with introducing Bloodclot was to have that recklessness finally catch up with him. I decided to create, Bloodclot as a villain who threatens to destroy the town, kidnap Georgia McGorgeous, and make Tick his snack. Tick may try to weasel his way into becoming a knight, but in order for him to defeat his true foe, he’s going to need to dig deep.

Georgia McGorgeous

I thought it’d be great to have Tick’s love interest only means of communicating with him be through his daydreaming. This would keep the player wondering: Does Georgia actually like Tick? Or is that just his imagination running wild? Does Georgia even exist?

Frankie Rockfist

Tick doesn’t just have one villain to deal with. Frankie Rockfist is Georgia’s current boyfriend, and also the leader of the “Super cool secret club,” a group of malicious gangsters out to subvert him on his quest to defeat Bloodclot.

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